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Enso Journey — Warrior Mentality


Photo by the wonderful, amazing and incredibly attractive Bryon Lippincott

For our featured blog today I am highlighting Enso Journey.  I have been reading this blog for the last few months and love it.   Enso Journey has two authors who both post about simple living, minimalism, intentional living and making your life the one you want to live. They work super hard on their blog and are easy to meet and talk to.

This is how they describe their simple living blog (shared with permission):

The simple answer

To give you everything you need to develop a warrior mentality. To find the best version of yourself. To unearth the true you. To make you a warrior of life, and a champion at it while there is still a single breath of life in you.

The long answer

We are Alex and Kym, and we are here to teach you that you can be a winner at anything you wish to do. This will be a long road. It won’t be easy, but if you are willing to let us help you develop the right mentality and get the right habits, you will be a true champion doing whatever you want to do, be it at sports, business, school, or life itself.

Are we some kind of celebrities? No. In fact, I doubt very much you have heard of us before. We are just 2 friends in 2 different countries with a mission: To develop ourselves to give always our best, to learn from every experience and never regret anything we do.

The day we started our journey is far behind us, but now we are walking towards our dreams. This site represents one of those dreams: To give you everything you need to develop the right mind frame for success.

You can’t win any battle without the right mind frame, and life is the biggest battle you will ever face. We are here to teach you how to win inside your mind before you start any battle. We are walking this path with you, we will make mistakes just as you have done, but we are here to share everything we find along the way to help you. We are here to get you up if you fall down. A true warrior never leaves a friend behind so we are not going to leave you.

Enso Journey is just a bonfire in the middle of the darkness. A place for you to come and share your stories or hear the ones we have to tell, we are here to make every one of our readers a warrior of life.  (source)

Thanks so much Alex and Kym for sharing your talents of writing and your passion for living.  (and your great cat pictures)

My favorite post from last week was the interview with fitness guru Vic Magary


  1. Hi Lori!
    Thank you for being so kind and featuring in your site. It has been an amazing experience to create our blog, and meeting lovely people like you seems like the best reward we could hope for. 🙂

    • I totally agree. I only wish I started earlier 🙂

      • I think we all wish that. But everything happens in the right time, even if we think it otherwise. 🙂

        • agreed 🙂

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