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Lovin With No Stuff-in

So we played around with pictures last night.  The dreads are still really new frizzy.  They are supposed to look better in a few months.  

Tomorrow is the big day of Love!  Valentines day!  The day started as a day to honor one or more Christian martyrs and is now a day to spend an average of $126 per person to express romantic love.  Talk about a jump – from dying people to falling in love.

What do we as a minimalist simple living couple do about Valentines day?  Nothing really.  I do love flowers and chocolate but neither are easy to come by or selling for a good price this week.  Good chocolate was on clearance after Christmas and we got a good stash… but it has been dwindling.  Hopefully there will be some more good stuff on clearance later this week.  (I like dark expensive chocolate) Flowers are great.  It is nice to have fresh flowers in the house….. but not for the prices that they will be tomorrow.

I finally decided to go with the dreads came after writing the post about how to be cool.  Now I am just one notch cooler.

I am not sure if it is our personalities or our relationship that makes Valentines not something we do much with.  I am not a gift person.  I can’t stand money being ‘wasted’ even if it is on me.  I love hanging out with my husband all the time, not just specific special days.  We have a date once a week and we spend time together all we can.  We are each others best friends and text all day like teenagers.  Why and how would Valentines be any different?

But, then I got to thinking.

I have legs… the black pants disappear into the background.  I look like a floating shirt.

On the other side

Valentines could be considered a great minimalist holiday.  Typical valentines gifts are dinner, flowers, candies, and jewelry (quality not quantity).   This isn’t a holiday for collecting a bunch of ‘stuff’ (unless you get a huge stuffed bear with a heart….don’t get a huge stuffed bear with a heart) or adding a lot of programs and parties to the schedule.  The average $126 is spent on an experience.  Ideally the money and time spent are thought out and are a time to focus on each other as a couple to build a relationship.  These are all great minimalist ideas.

Minimalism isn’t cheap, it is about spending on what matters and creating experiences instead of stuff.  Minimalism isn’t boring, it is about focusing time and energy celebrating people and relationships that are priority.

Minimalism is about finding what you love and cutting everything else that gets in the way out.  hum….hubby and chocolate and no other distractions for the evening?  Sounds good to me 🙂


  1. Well, pants or not – whomever you used for a photographer did a damn good job of it. Hopefully you were able to barter for it.

    And your knowledge of history is more than a lot of people would have on this day.

    • Thanks Bill! My hubby is the photographer 🙂

  2. Kari Kari

    smokin’ pictures! 😎 The dreads are pretty cool…you go girl!

    • Thanks!

  3. Karen Karen

    Love this post. You are cute as a button and I loved the pic of you and your husband kissing. Sweet!

    • Thanks so much!

  4. The dreads look great, Lorilee! You’ll have to keep us updated on the ease of care. As on many points, we are like-minded on Valentine’s Day gifts. I told my husband long ago, before he was my husband, that I didn’t need flowers or things for Valentine’s Day. Many times those gifts are swiped up last-minute by the one who means well, on his way home from work. Carefully chosen words or attention makes me much more happy.

    Beautiful photos and post. -heather

    • Yes, gifts shouldn’t be out of ‘duty’ because it is ‘valentines’, but out of love 🙂 I am still trying to figure out the dreads…. will keep you posted.

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