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Me, the kids, and school

She wants to grow her bangs out, but never clips them up.  I don’t know how it doesn’t drive her crazy 🙂

I want some good simple home schooling posts where I sound like a great deep thinking teacher and the kids sound like brilliant and eager students.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Lately my home school Friday posts have been heavy on me chatting away and light on the learning.  Today is probably not going to be any different.  (I’m sorry, or Your welcome, whichever you prefer).  Just kicking back with some random thoughts I wanted to share with you today.

  1. This week I was reminded several times that I am not a kid person.  My children don’t show the love and eagerness that I would like when it comes to school.  I am also completely incapable of motivating them to do their work some days without it lasting the whole day and being terrible for everyone involved.  I would love to think that it would be easier if I just sent them to school, but then I would have to sit over their shoulder all evening making sure they got their homework done.  I haven’t figured this one out.   Parenting is not easy and every time I think I get something figured out that will work they change, get board, or outsmart me.   I have had to remind myself why I home school and that it really is a privilege to parent and home school.
  2. This week we celebrated my sons 5th birthday.  I didn’t have a rough pregnancy like many people can talk about, but I almost lost him at 10 weeks so every year I am reminded just how blessed I am to have him.  Life is so precious.  We can’t control it, but we can appreciate it.
  3. We took some time this week to make valentines.  I tried to use have the kids do something like my friend over at WordPlayHouse, but I am not sure they turned out anything quite as crafty as her 🙂  I loved the doilies idea.  Valentines is such a great holiday.  It is one that is almost completely others centered, love centered, and chocolate covered.  Sitting at the table making a mess of glue and glitter all to surprise friends is such a cool picture.
  4. Big news for my little blog, I am almost at 1000 subscribers on the Google currents app.  (I probably will be  when you read this, but as I write this Thursday night I am still 5 subscribers shy.)  Don’t have the Google currents app?  Gotta get it, it is a great way to read my blog.  Much better than the straight mobile format I think.  Thanks to all you folks who are reading on there now.  I would love to meet you so come by the actual site and say ‘hi’ sometime 🙂
  5. So, we were snowed in last weekend and with nothing better to do I got my hubby to put dreads in my hair.  I haven’t taken up drugs, I will still wash my hair, I am not changing religions or music preferences.  I just think they look cool and wanted to try them out.  I have been envying them on my friend Jessy for quite a while now… so, I guess you could say it is a religious reason that I had to get my own to stop my envying 😉  Right now they are really frizzy and messy looking.  I have read it will take several months for them to get looking good.  I am not a patient person, but I am going to try and hold out.  I need a good pic, but with the party and all this week I never got a good one.  Next week.
  6. I am also trying out a new format for my blog.  Probably I will be tweeking it for a while and I would LOVE input.  The thing is that I am blogging about a bunch of different things (all things I like) but I am not sure that all of them are interesting to each reader.  I am wanting to have it all in one blog, but am trying to experiment with finding ways for people to find what they want to read easier.  Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for coming by!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I hear you about putting all in one blog/website. I have diverse interests which I would like to corral under one banner but have the links to different blogs or whatever I decide to use. You have a good menu now – I don’t have children, cant’ swallow so am not normally here on Fridays nor do I check out the recipes but the rest of the week, I read and inwardly digest. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I was hoping that the posting schedule would work. That is good feedback, Thanks!

  2. Susanna Susanna

    This is beautifully expressed and well written. Your blog is gorgeous, some of the best photos I’ve ever seen online! Best wishes for you and yours!

    • I am flattered! Thanks so much!

  3. i love to listen to you talk about homeschool. it keeps it real & that is good. 😉 and i can’t wait to see your dreads!!! hang in there, i promise 6 months from now you’ll love them even more. xoxo.

    • okay… but if I don’t, you are to blame 😉

      • sounds fair enough. 😉 but you will. 😉

  4. Oh, so happy to see you tried your hand at the handmade doily valentines. And, thank you for the link! Congratulations on the success of your blog—well deserved. You have gained followers quickly. You’ll have those last three to hit 1000 in no time at all (if you don’t already). You will have to share a photo of your dreads. I do like your new format for your blog—it’s organized…the organization work on your family’s life is now being applied to your blog here too! Have a joy-filled weekend, Lorilee. -heather

    • Heather, hope you are having a great weekend. I will work on getting a pic of the hair this week.

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