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No Well Worn, Easy to Follow Path In Life

Image: Danilo Rizzuti

The simple minimalist life I want to live, and the life I think you want to live, is not an easy life to find.  There is no clear easy path to follow.  I want to be simple, intentional, focused on people and experiences, and not weighed down by other things that don’t matter.  Saying and writing it sometimes makes it sound easy.  Sometimes hearing others talk about their journey makes it sound easy, like a ‘walk in the park’, but there is no easy well worn trail.

That is because it is the trail you have to define and discover for yourself.  If you have been trying and practicing like I have and are coming up with the fact that it is super hard, you are right.  Society and human nature gravitate to the easy path of least resistance, the way everyone is going.  But what everyone is doing is probably not what is right for you.

To find and live your life isn’t going to be a ‘path of roses’ but it is going to be worth it!

I remember last year at this time.  We were just starting to seriously clean out the house.   It was still a new idea, all the minimalist stuff, and I had so much self-doubt.  We had decided to rent our house out and I was terrified by the idea.  Who, in their right mind, leaves a house for an apartment with 2 small kids.  We had purchased the house only a few years before as a messed up foreclosure and had completely remodeled it.  We had designed it with our kids and our family in mind and all the walls were painted with our favorite colors.   The things we had were things we had picked, paid for, stored, moved, might need in the future. It was our life.

Last year at this time we were walking away from all that.  Selling, donating, painting.  I/We knew it was what we wanted, but it was still super hard. Lots of areas of intentional simple living are super hard.

  • It is hard to get out of debt and stay out of debt.
  • It is super hard to save money.
  • It is hard to eat healthy.
  • I wish it wasn’t so hard to be patient with my kids.

I want a clear path, an easy button, a magic pill but there isn’t one.  I believe the best things in life need to be worked for, hunted for, discovered.

The great news with the minimalism is that now I look back and think ‘Seriously, it wasn’t that big of a deal’, ‘why did we stress so much’ ,  ‘why didn’t we do it sooner’.

So, if you are here because you love minimalism, if you are here because you are trying but are having trouble, if you are here because you are trying to live intentionally in other areas and are somewhere between succeeding and failing.  I am excited for you.  I am excited for me.  An intentional simple life is hard, but I believe, that it is like a muscle.  The more it is worked, the easier and more it can handle.

Too many people are unhappy and blame others, past, circumstances or lack of luck for their unhappiness.  The truth is that everyone who has made something of themself and discovered contentment or happiness has had to work hard in some way to get it.  Be the change, don’t pass of the blame.  Start creating the life you want now, don’t wait or put it off.

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And, … only 2 days till big news!


  1. I think you are walking on a red carpet when you go your own way. It sounds like the changes you made were hard because you had fear and were resisting what you knew was right for you. You said in retrospect it really wasn’t that hard. I do agree that it is difficult to maintain personal integrity when the world around us shouts at us to follow them.

    • “I think you are walking on a red carpet when you go your own way.” love that, Diane!

      • Lorilee seems to inspire my writing. I just checked your blog and subscribed I like were you are coming from.

    • Hum, good point guys. I was thinking the red carpet is the easy way in. If you get to walk on the ‘red carpet’ you don’t even need a ticket. You belong and people love you. That being said, all eyes are on you, and in that respect it could be making changes that make you stand out… hum, maybe I should reword.

      • RE: the red carpet – most folks who walk that carpet work hard, studied long and spent years in the trenches for their big break. I agree – I think the red carpet is for those who can take risk and live their own lives. Wonderful post – and I am already a subscriber :).

  2. I definitely agree that walking this path is no easy feat in the culture we live in. Our society as a whole is encouraging members to live the easiest life possible. However, that comes at the cost of gadgets, affording help, etc. It’s a complete paradigm shift. However, I can attest that it is well worth it (after living with these ideals practically my entire life lol). There will always be those who chastise, but I often find that if you can surround yourself in a supportive community, it makes all the difference. Seriously, I’m happy to have found so many like-minded folks online as it was near impossible to find like-minded friends growing up. Just remember that when it gets hard, we’re all here to help and support you!

    And as for patience for kids, if you find ‘the secret”, do share!

    • Megyn,
      This is my lucky day. I just subscribed to your blog too. There is a nice community out in cyberworld… I wish some were a little closer to my physical home. Can’t have everything?

    • supportive community is huge. Just finding so many people in the last few months has been so fun!

  3. Okay guys, I changed wording a bit so that it would be more clear 🙂 Thanks so much for the feedback. Love you all!

  4. I love the update. It’s a laser beam, your points are very clear.

    • Thanks!

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