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Simply Books for Febuary

Another awesome picture by my hubby.

Hi, Welcome to Loving Simple Living. How did your reading go this month?  The forth Sunday of every month I post about books.  Keeps me accountable.  I would love to read and pass book ideas back and forth with you 🙂  I love non-fiction mostly and like intentional, simple, minimalist, and other life topics.

Here is a recap of what I said I was going to read:

The book I liked the most was How to Be Remarkable.  It is basically a collection of short ‘posts’ on different attitudes or practices for a good life.  Lots of it wasn’t new, but it was a good reminder.  It was short, sweet, entertaining, to the point and easy to understand.

Favorite quote:

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less” Socrates -via How To Be Remarkable

Really excited about reading in March:

What have you been reading?  Any good recommendations?


  1. Gem Gem

    I haven’t been reading much of anything at the moment. However, sitting on my bookshelf is a book I keep thinking about reading titled _Chasing Ideas: the fun of freeing your child’s imagination_, by Christine Durham. Maybe I’ll try to get through it in March . . .

    • oh, that does sound good.

  2. I’m looking forward to The Art of Non-Conformity – Chris is a fav of mine.
    Am finishing Pack of Two, about how adopting a dog led Carolyn Knapp on a road to self discovery and personal worth after giving up alcohol. Very good.
    Also reading the Steve Jobs bio – well done, amazing what was happening way back when – I had no clue.
    Plan to read a fiction urban fantasy on recomendation of a friend; I, too, much prefer non-fiction or science based sci fi but will give it a go.
    Books rock!

    • Yes, books rock! I know nothing about Steve Jobs either. I will have to look up the bio. Sounds really interesting.

  3. I am reading Anne Lamont’s book Bird by Bird. It is about writing and I am loving it. I have The Element and am looking forward to starting it. I will have to check out The Art of Nonconformity. Sounds like a good one! Happy Reading!

    • Make sure to watch Sir Ken Robinsons talks on youtube first. He is such a great speaker. Made the book come alive after watching him first.

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