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Roads, Pegonias, Robert Frost and Memorization

She is getting so old.  Turning into such a beautiful woman. (But she needs to triple her age before she isn’t my baby)

Memorization is a big part of our simple home school.  A few of the things we have learned this year are: Martin Luther King Jr speech (half of it), and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

A few weeks ago Lily got a book of Robert Frost’s poems from the library and really enjoyed reading it.  We decided to memorize two poems, one Lily chose and one I chose.  Lily memorizes poetry so fast. She learned each poem in less than a week and wanted to make a movie to share with you.  She made two super cute movies where she pretended she was a flower and a leaf.

At last cut we decided not to share the movies on the internet.  She was dressed in dress-up cloths that are perfectly modest in our culture but might not be considered as modest to others.  Having people all over the world be able to see stuff on the internet has been something I am never quite sure how to handle.

Either way Lily memorized two poems by Robert Frost

  • Rose Pegonias – Lily’s choice
  • The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost had such a great way of making nature come alive.

Second best to Lily.  Here is Robert Frost reading his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’

Book update:

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