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Simple Compassion – Hands-On Help Needed

Picture pulled from Ellen’s site

I am excited to share with you a guest post from Ellen Renck.  She does amazing work with her fingers that makes a difference, and you can get involved too!

Are you involved in a charity or simply helping where you see need that you would like featured?  Contact me, I would love to hear about it!

Simplify Your Life and Help Others

Knitting is soothing. Crochet is soothing. In a world of “costly” pursuits, both are inexpensive! How can they simplify your life and help you distress or focus on what matters? How? By making your life more purposeful and gratifying!

Creating baby items soothes the maker. Because selfishness and self-absorption steal peace while sharing and empathy bring tranquility, giving to these babies gives us more than the little ones receive. Sharing joy? Simply priceless!

Premature and critically ill infants all over the country need you to use your hands and heart on their behalf. They lose the majority of body heat through their heads — energy and calories needed to fight infection, to struggle to breathe, or to gain weight. Imagine a warm preemie cap the size of an orange or tangerine! Along with booties and blankets, they comfort these fragile and their families as well as cheer NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) staff. Just imagine any ordinary day in any NICU where parents struggle with fear and anxiety. Imagine the desolation of a NICU on a holiday. Then, imagine the unit’s renewed spirit with cheery holiday caps or bright everyday hats warming these fragile babes.

Why else does it simplify, distress, and focus you? Baby yarn is so soft and gentle that you feel calmer just touching it. And the colors? Let your imagination run wild. Baby clothes patterns also offer an ideal way to practice new techniques and stitches with fast to finish gratification. Simplify your life with “easy to take along” projects that mean no more thumb twiddling waiting for the dentist or for a soccer game end. Plus, a little “knitter’s guilt” at not finishing something big before launching another project is eased by these quickies.

Recalling the unremarkable (thankfully) birth of my children and the dearth of preemies clothes when my preemie niece was born many years ago, I started crafting preemie items in response to a friend’s request for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. As a result, I know the satisfaction and calm I experienced making hundreds of everyday and holiday caps. I know the uplift that the clothing brings parents and staff.

My recently launched blog includes Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville and Baptist South in St Johns, Florida in the donations. Perusal of the Internet will locate NICUs near you needing donations, but I will be thrilled to put your handcrafted donations to good use for you. Please check my blog at for more information about preemie needs and free patterns and more.

Thank you so much to Lorilee Lippincott and Loving Simple Living for the opportunity to share my way to distress and simplify by focusing on those tiny people, the future of our world. I hope my plan becomes an opportunity for some of you too!

Thank-you Ellen for what you are doing and for sharing!

Book Update:

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  1. aw, i love this! i remember one late & lonely trek up to the nicu to see jack & someone had placed a beautiful handmade blanket over him. that blanket meant so much to me!!! thanks for all your hard work & remembering the littlest ones! it means the world to the parents!

  2. JaxKnitter JaxKnitter

    I have been knitting up a storm. Just dropped of ten sweater sets (sweater, cap & booties) and two blankets at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Love including charity work in a very soothing hobby.

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