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Back Outdoors

Wanted to say thanks for the feedback I received last Friday on my simple homeschool post about ‘Begin With The End In Mind‘.  I also wanted to share a homeschool article that I enjoyed by Ann Voskamp ‘Why Be Crazy Enough to Homeschool

What I really appreciated about Ann’s article was that it said that homeschooling isn’t this virtuous perfect thing.  When I talk about homeschooling my kids I don’t want it to come across as this perfect thing that everyone should be doing.  Just because my kids are home with me doesn’t mean they will come out perfect, smarter, or better.  I work very hard at figuring out how to make it the best experience for them, but I am not perfect and just having them home doesn’t do the job for me.

Last Friday afternoon we decided last minute to head out camping again with some friends.  I was pretty tired from the week, but I am glad we decided to take off anyways.  Since I am unplugged this week and am ‘pre-posting’ for you, I thought I would share some pictures with you today from our trip.

We camped with friends that had kids the same age as ours.  The four of them played hide-and-seek for hours around and behind the trees.


These boys are SO cute.  It was close to 90 in the afternoon so they were going around without shirts and playing with water.

Lily showing her muscles.  I didn’t get her hair done and between all the swimming (chlorine) and her desperately wanting to grow her bangs out…. it is hard to get a good picture of her.   They both have been big on building muscles lately… not sure where they are picking it up from, must be a kid thing.

S’mores was the best way to get them to slow down long enough for pictures.  Love how this shows Lily’s freckles.

yummy 🙂

Here my attractive husband demonstrating the cute heart shape of the marshmallows he got at the store for us. 🙂

Here is the focused roasting face.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are getting some early summer weather your way as well!