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I’m Glad to be Living in 2012

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Lots of truly loving simple living and living an intentional life in the present is living a thankful life with gratitude.  One thing I hate is the negativity about the present and the fear of the future.  The world isn’t and won’t ever be a perfect place, but I am pretty excited to be alive right now.  Here are some reasons I have come up with. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments.

  1. Education is easier and better than ever.  My kids can have education for free through high school and colleges are plentiful and accessible.  Sure, not all college are cheap, but there are so many more college options now.  Not only that, there are many more education options like homeschooling that I am doing with my kids.   There are so many options now for education it is hard to pick.
  2. Life long and continuing education is easier and easier.  Not only are there more college and continuing studies in traditional areas available but books, and information for self study are everywhere.
  3. Global learning and travel opportunities.  People and cultures are more and more mixed up on ‘our little ball’ and we can all learn so much from each other.
  4. Health care, though not always as cheep as we want it, is very accessible and what doctors are able to do is amazing.
  5. There is more gender and race equality now than lots of other time-periods.  Sure, we don’t have complete equality but lets celebrate what we have achieved while continuing to grow in this area.
  6. General acceptance of differences all over the place is growing.  We are all different people with different ideas, looks, knowledge and backgrounds.  More and more those differences are accepted and celebrated than they are avoided.
  7. Can you imagine living without the internet?  I just did it for 1 week.  Hard to realize that such a new tool is such an important tool in our life.
  8. Small businesses and creativity have a chance in the big market now.
  9. Most people (though with varying degrees) want to leave the world a better place and support or promote charities.  Just taking care of yourself and your family without concern for other places and the future of the planet is now looked down upon.
  10. No major world powers are threatening to fight each other
  11. We, especially in 1st world countries are ‘stinking rich’, richer than we ever have been.  I looked at several articles and they all say that most of the 1st world spends less than 10% of their income (after taxes) on food.  (Here is one article). That is pretty rich.
  12. Indoor plumbing just about everywhere  I go. Not that fancy….but couldn’t imagine trying to live without it.

2012 is a great time to be alive 🙂


    • totally connected, more than it should be, but it is here. Developed and within a days travel is a huge step from where it has been. The thing with both education and medical attention is that it has always been tied to financial resources. I think it is better now than most other times. Still not perfect, but much better 🙂

  1. Michele Ray Michele Ray

    Lorilee – I soak up your thoughts like a sponge to water. Please move to Douglas and be my neighbor…..

    • how about we both move to a beach somewhere 🙂 Thanks for your comment, so excited that you like it.

  2. 70% of the world’s population has no Internet access, knowledge or computers. That is huge.
    I am seriously considering, after so not taking an E-break last week, to ditching my home WiFi and using public WiFi.
    I would plan to spend more time with live people I know; work my dogs more frequently; get my house minimalized (and it so can give a lot to thrift stores and the community), write my blogs, etc. off line to place on line. I have a 6 month promotional period in which I plan to practice. Just needed to share with someone who would back me up :).
    This is a good list, Using the Internet wisely is a priority goal.

    • There is way more public WiFi. If you take the plunge let me know how it goes. I think it sounds good, but with teaching off it a bunch during the day and not being able to head out in the evenings I can’t figure out how to go without. I am going to try and do much better with limiting. Still trying to think it all through.

  3. Part of me just wanted to state how far we still have yet to go, but you’re right. Compared to previous times, we do have it really, really good. And compared to the majority of the world, we are all quite wealthy. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • thanks 🙂 Not that we should stop working for better, I agree, but we need to appreciate and be proud of how much progress has been made.

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