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Simple Books April

Big month in reading over here.  How is your reading going?

This month I read the two books I intended to and wanted to share with you my thoughts. 

The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business – This is not a quick easy read and shouldn’t be.  It is a big fat reference manual for all things business.  The beauty of it is that it is presented very easy to understand.  Really, business and business concepts are simple and that is what Josh Kaufman brought out.  What makes business tough is not being able to predict the future….nothing we can do about that.  Simple doesn’t mean it is easy to learn or doesn’t have many parts and that is what Josh lays out in almost 400 pages of summary.  He provides lots of resources for further study in the areas of business making this book truly live up to its name if the reader really dove into all that was recommended.   Education far surpassing the $27.95 price (a real bargain from the library ;))

I think this is a great book for business people to learn with as well as non-business people to learn from.  Reading this book made me wish that other professions had similar books.  I would love to get this same complete overview from several areas.

Also check out his website, there is tons of info.

Strip Off Your Fear: Slip Into Something More Confident – I love how these two books went together this month.  Both similar in personal growth but so different in every other way.  I love Betsy Talbot’s writing!  I love their first book, I love their blog.  Betsy has a way of making things catchy and entertaining while talking about huge emotional issues.  Only she could write a book using a metaphor of a strip show and have it fit so well.

This was the book that got me through the Personal MBA 🙂  It was my reward.

I will say that this is definitely a womans book (or a great book to read if you want to understand women).  Betsy seemed to understand me in some areas better than I understood myself.  I learned about myself and was given permission to be myself.

You already are what you seek to be.  You just have to give yourself permission to be it. — Betsy Talbot

So I would recommend this book if you are a woman who is searching for who she is or trying to grow personally.  …which is most of us right 🙂

This month I also listened to/read:

The Big Idea: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, From the Aha Moment to Your First Million – I have posted on this already and have another post coming up based off an idea from this book.  Basically this is a book about coming up with big idea inventions and getting them out to customers.  My favorite part of books is the real stories that support the theme and this book is full of them.  Story after story.  This book is great for anyone looking at starting self-employment or building an idea.  …I have no great invention yet, but I enjoyed it.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire – older book but I never read it when it was popular.  It is about the Holy Spirit and is written by the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  Power and true religion at work.  Loved the book!  If you would like my copy of this book just comment and let me know and I will mail it to you. (don’t leave your address in the comment, I will contact you by e-mail for privacy)

Okay, for next month this is what I am working on:

and from the book pack last week:


Have you read these books?  What did you think?  Want to read some this month with me?  What have you been reading that you like?  What books are you planning on reading this month?  … I am all questions today 🙂

Photo credit:  My amazing husband


  1. Kim Kim

    Have you read any of the books by Barbara Sher? I have been having personal struggles with finding my “Passion” when it comes to life & work. She has two books Wishcraft & I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What. I have them in my Amazon Cart along with your book 3-2-1 🙂
    Just looking for recommendations on books regarding making big life changes. I would like to go back to school for a completely different degree, something that I love, but I am 40 years old with a 5 year old, makes for a very scary decision…..
    Anyway, all recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

    • I will have to look up Barbara Sher. Those both look good. I have liked Marcus Buckingham’s books, some of them might work for you. There is also ’48 Days To The Work You Love’ by Dan Miller. I read it last winter and liked it. At 40 you are still young 🙂 You have lots of working years ahead of you. What are you wanting to go back to school for?

  2. Kim Kim

    Thank you for the recommendations, I will look into both the Buckingham and Miller. I currently have a degree in Sales and Marketing, something I went to school for as it was a “safe” career, but I’ve become very bored. I would really love to get involved with the US Forest Service, Conservation. Would love a degree in Biological Science / Natural Resources. The mere thought of spending my my days protecting nature is incredible alone. Sharing that experience with my daughter just adds to the excitement of it all. Now, to just do it 🙂 Thanks for the reminder also, that 40 is still young 🙂

    • Something that I have been learning and reading more is that education isn’t the barrier that it once was. Sure, if you want to be a nurse you need to get your degree but lots of other areas it is possible to get in other ways. I would do some research on jobs you would be interested in and e-mail the bosses. You wouldn’t be asking for a job but just asking for information for what they look for. Just telling them what you have a degree in and what you have been doing but that you want to switch over and if they have any recommendations for education, learning opportunities, or experience that you would need to get. Short e-mail, but explain what your looking to do and why and ask for some direction with the how. Possibly some certifications, internships, volunteer work, entry level positions would all work to get you where you want to be in less time and for less money. Just a thought 🙂

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