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We Unplugged

Between April 3 and 9 I participated in The Big Unplug started by The Minimalist Mom.  I am all about simple living and believe that electronics can get in the way.  I believe it is good to take a good look at the addiction ever once and awhile to evaluate what and how much electronics  is benefiting me.

  • Is it giving me more value than it is taking in time?
  • Do I know how much time it is really taking?

I honestly was looking forward to taking the week off.  The last few months has had me really trying to hit my blog hard and promote my book I have been online way more lately.  Just like any hobby attempt at a business the work is never done.  There is always more to do, more people to try and meet, more, more, more.

I was also scared to take the week off. I had the blog set up and scheduled through the week and wasn’t worried about that, but going without e-mail for 7 days is something I haven’t done…. since college maybe…  Truthfully I knew that nothing coming through on e-mail, good or bad, would be affected terribly by waiting 7 days.

I wasn’t able to turn my cell phone off because it is our only phone and the main line for my husbands businesses.  I did leave it home in the evenings a few times.

So, how did it all go?

Well, I survived.  It is more of an addiction than I would like to think.  I fought ‘the tick’ of always thinking I needed to get online and check my e-mail.  When I got back online I realized I missed nothing.  My inbox was full, but almost all of it could just be deleted.

I had hoped that I would get through a bunch of my April reading.  I am working on The The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business and it is a longer book (and I read slow) than I typically read.  Great book, but I still have about 100 pages to go.  I also hoped I would get to do lots more fun stuff with the kids.  We did do a few more activities and spent a day with friends.  However, most of the time that would have been computer time over the week I spent sleeping.  Good or bad, I love sleeping and the late nights working on the book must have caught up.

I wanted to have some grand deep thoughts for you on the project, or at least a good story of all the exciting things we did during the week…but I have neither 🙂

Going forward I am going to limit my e-mail and social media time to once a day. I have limited time for myself and I want to spend it learning and writing.  I also am going to batch my writing time better (when the kids are sleeping or resting).  I was doing good on limiting computer time to specific times in the day but the last few months I wasn’t following it as well as I should have been.

I think the unplug process is something I want to do more often. Scheduling time to be unplugged just to reassess how it is helping my life.

Did you unplug?  What was it like?

Plugging or unplugging do you know how much time you spent hooked up on TV, computer, phone, other electronics?

I love technology, but it is important that the time spent is equal to the benefit in my life.  Have a great week!

P.S – This week is exciting, got some great news to share with you tomorrow 😉


  1. Hooray for you! As a night shift RN, the mantra “sleep is over-rated” is so wrong; I’m not surprised you caught up on your sleep and let your week unplugged be more quiet than anticipated.
    I’ve noticed most of my personal communication comes through Facebook. I’m not sure I like that – emails for the dogs and from blogs to which I’ve subscribed (like yours) still show up in my box but most of my friends (real and online) go through FB. I always knew email was limited by lack of nuance and facial gestures, much of which can be picked up even over the phone but on FB, unless someone is PMing, all is public (depending on your settings). This is fine for the dog rescue – the more the merrier – but personally, am not so sure.
    I am not a socially inclined person; am finding more computer time, iPad time (i.e. TV shows, movies) & time checking FB remove me further from directly engaging with live friends and persons. If I’m in the middle of a dog adoption or transfer, that’s one thing; if I’m just wasting time checking on feeds, that is indeed a waste.
    Much as I enjoy it, I think I will sell my iPad, use the computer for movies/TV shows and my iPhone (which, yes, is my only phone with a Tracfone backup).
    I like your plan of once a day computer checking. If I could set myself up to do my blogs ahead of time over a weekend, it would be helpful.
    Kudos and keep up the modified disconnect.

    • I have been trying to do my blog posts ahead of time on the weekends. …sometimes it works better than others 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried unplugging completely lately but I did make a new rule for myself lately and that is “no getting on the computor until after lunch/naps”. I have been getting lot more done and my house is looking cleaner and I am glad I made that decision.

    • Yes, I try and do that too. On the computer during nap time and after the kids go to bed. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Gem Gem

    I didn’t go offline all week. However, you inspired me to try going avoiding the internet one day a week. Saturday made sense so for a 24-hour each Saturday I’ve been trying to stay offline (with the exception of Skype video calls for the Grandparents to talk to Calvin 🙂 ). It’s trickier than I expected. However, it has shown me how much time I waste online doing nothing in particular.

    • yes, I try to stay offline on Saturdays too. …not easy. I still need to figure out skype. We have done some stuff with google+ hangouts but I am sure we could connect more/better.

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