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“Die Empty”


I watched this TED talk last Monday night and a concept really hit me hard and stuck with me.  I wanted to share the whole talk with you, but especially this ‘Die Empty’ concept.

First, here is the whole talk.

(here is the link)

The ‘Die Empty’ concept is at the end.  Todd Henry talks about how the most valuable property in the world is the grave yard.  It is in the grave yard where all the unwritten novels, un-launched businesses, unfulfilled dreams, and more all lay.  He said that after he heard this that he decided to put up these two words ‘Die Empty‘ to remind himself to always give everything he had.

This is huge to simple and intentional living.  I choose simple living and I share with you tips on simple living so we all have time for a life.  The purpose of simple living isn’t to have more time to sit on your couch it is so you can have more time to put toward your priorities.  More time to live your own life.

Simple living comes first and enables the time and resources for:

  • books to be written
  • inventions to be created
  • business to be started
  • relationships to be created, developed, and mended
  • service and charity to be acted upon
  • and more

Is something burning inside you?  Something you think you should be doing, creating, fulfilling.  A passion or a role in your life not being worked on?  Figure out how to get it out, figure out what time and resources need to be traded out so you can die empty.

But, this concept can be taken even farther.  We have been studying a bunch about love in Bible Study lately.  What if we lived empty because we gave all the love we could?  I hate to admit all the times I have thought about:

  • calling or writing someone to check on or compliment them
  • smiling or saying ‘hi’ to a stranger who looked stressed
  • going the extra mile (usually nowhere near an ‘actual mile’) to help someone in need
  • taking the time to cuddle my kids
  • sending money to charities for worthy projects
  • allowing others to go in front of me in line or traffic
  • taking the extra few seconds to show I care

…and not done it because I have been too busy or chicken or …or some other excuse.

I want to live (and die) empty of all the projects, and plans, and dreams because they will be created or acted upon, and I want to live (and die) empty of all the love can give to those around me and around the world.  I believe that both will matter the most after I am gone.

You with me?  Lets ‘Die Empty’

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  1. I love it, “Die Empty” It is really true that we only regret what we didn’t do.

    • Totally 🙂

  2. What a great concept! I can safely say that I never thought about it that way. Your timing couldn’t have been better, either. We are at a cross roads in our life, and trying to decide between the “safe” way, and the way we really want to go. We have been praying a lot about it- thanks for passing this on!

    • so glad you liked it. Safe is a tough thing. There is safe like life/death and then there is safe meaning ‘chance of less money’ or change. Totally different but somehow it all comes out in the same word. I will say a prayer for you too 🙂

  3. Gail Gail

    Mr Henry’s talk is sate with truth. If I follow his ideas, I will even more fulfilled in my life. Thanks for sharing

    • your welcome 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

    • thanks for the invite 🙂

  4. Wonderful post and video – love the “die empty” concept – a daily practice, a practice of mindfulness, of doing today what you want/need to do, not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    • Your welcome!

  5. Carmen Carmen

    Love it!

    • thanks so much 🙂

  6. […] like you will die tomorrow‘.  I love it.  Live like you will die tomorrow means to die empty and give your best to the world.  It means to always take time for the people you love and tell […]

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