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Lily’s Job – Economics Part 2


I want to thank everyone for the great response I got from my first ‘job’ post a few weeks ago.  We were blown away with all the ideas!  I love you guys 🙂

Here are some of the ideas that were shared:

  • Pick wild flowers, make bouquets, and sell to the neighbors for $.50 – Heather
  • Offering to be a ‘mommy helper’ and watch kids while moms cook dinner or clean the house (a junior babysitter type thing) – Shari
  • Selling things on ebay (her toys or crafts), getting orders to sell baked goods – Carmen
  • Selling bracelets or other crafts to support animal shelter or charity (love this one) – Roberta
  • Sell vegetables door-to-door, collect recyclables, home business like candles or coffee (yum)  – Sutton
  • Book recommendation ‘Beyond the Lemonade Stand‘ – Gem – my literary expert 🙂
  • Returning glass or cans for money – Emily
  • Selling things on craigslist she doesn’t need any more or setting up a lemonade/cookie stand at a friend’s garage sale – Nancy
  • Pickup mail for elderly neighbors – Kimanzi
  • Button maker – great family business with lots of learning opportunity in different aspects of design, production, marketing, and distribution – Jill
  • Dog walking and cookie selling (it would be more fun if Grace and Lily could do it as a team) – Jessy
  • Compiling a neighborhood cook book and selling it – Rob
  • Knitting scarves or hats (web resources Lion Brand Yarn, Knit Picks, Ravelry) – Don and Willow

Well she has been busy in the past few weeks!

  •  She got a job watching a dog for 2 weeks at $5 a day.  It is a cute medium sized dog that is super friendly.  We have learned about less exciting parts of employment (in this case poop scooping), but not to give up on the job all together.  We learned about sub-contracting, first with Ian, for $1 a poop scoop and when Ian wasn’t around Mommy for $5.   We learned about working around obstacles and finding a shovel for the poop and now she can handle the job when necessary (so she doesn’t have to pay the over priced sub-contractor ‘mom’ as backup and lose money on the day).  Since Ian is coming along and doing it with her we have gone over different ways to pay him.  First it was poop scooping ($2-$3 a day), but after the shovel breakthrough they decided to tag team the whole project and do a 50/50 partnership dividing profits in half (after paying mom for the 1 poop scooping incident).   So far so good 🙂
  • Her picture project gave her 1 order for a mommy cow and a calf from Grandpa.  She drew it to specifications, matted it, and delivered it for $5.
  • We did a garage sale with friends and she had lots of stuff on the sale but not much sold.
  • One dress that didn’t sell for 2 days on the garage sale (tagged at $5) we decided to take to ‘Once Upon A Child’ and they gave her $13.50 for it.  She was really excited about that!

Total is close to $100 (before she splits off and shares with her brother)

Not bad for a month as an 8 year old 🙂

She has the book listed above and has lots more ideas for summer…we will see how it goes 🙂


  1. Great job Lily! What a wonderful experience for her to be able to earn her own money. Now the question is, will she save it all or is she looking forward to buying something specific?

    • it has been burning a hole in her pocket. She has been at the craft store a few times and got Popsicle makers yesterday. Trying to help her find good things to spend it on… encourage options… but not control her spending 🙂

  2. Amy Amy

    I would totally hire someone like Lily to watch/play with my kids while cooking or cleaning. What a great idea! Too bad you don’t leave closer.

  3. Wonderful follow up – way to go, Lily, Bro and mom :).

    • thanks 🙂

  4. Cam Cam

    Way to go. You guys are rocking the economic education!

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