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Simple Compassion – Samaritan’s Purse In South Sudan

Photo Credit : Samaritan’s Purse

I get mailings from Samaritan’s Purse (because we participate in Operation Christmas Child every year) and this really caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.

A huge part of simple living is understanding how blessed we are and that we can help others.  When I can donate and make a difference in someone else’s life I feel much richer and happier than any similar material purchase would make me feel.

Here is a few quotes from this article:

“I am very concerned about what is happening here,” Graham said. “The people are leaving because there’s nothing to eat. They’re eating roots, bark, grub worms, insects. It just breaks your heart when you see what’s happening to these people. Please, they need our help. They need our prayers.”

For months, Sudan’s armed forces have been waging a brutal war against the people of Southern Kordofan and the neighboring state of Blue Nile. The government of Sudan has closed off the two states to humanitarian aid from the outside.

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the crisis by helping to meet critical needs at two refugee camps across the border in newly independent South Sudan. The camps in Yida and Doro are home to over 120,000 people who fled the fighting in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. We assist in providing food, medical care, wells, sanitation, shelters, and other support.


Here is a video of their work:

here is the link for the video

So many of the people who are affected by this are women and children.  As a mother it kills me to think that another mother doing everything she can and loving her child would have to slowly watch them starve to death and not be able to stop it.

Please help if you can:

  • Please pray
  • Please donate to Samaritain’s Purse
  • Please donate to another organization making a difference in this region

Even though it is terrible what is happening, it is exciting to see what is being done and have the chance to help.

Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Thank you for bringing attention to this dire situation. Your prayers and support mean so much.

    • Thank you so much for what you do!

  2. It’s hard to believe, as I sit here in my comfortable home, having just had a satisfying meal, that there are so many in such dire need. It’s humbling. Thank you for sharing this.

    • It is hard to believe and sad. I am really glad that Samaritan’s purse is working there and doing amazing things. Then, instead of just seeing all the terrible stuff and not being able to do anything about it we can be part of making a difference. The world will never be a great place but we can work on making it better. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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