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The Gold Mine

In anticipation of a possible move this spring (that didn’t work out) we went through and cut down our stuff again.  Really, I feel like for all we have gotten rid of during the past year (ish) that we should have run out of things to get rid of a long time ago.  …wasn’t the case.  We came up a sizable addition to a friends garage sale.  Mostly all things that I had thought about getting rid of before but thought we ‘might’ need.

But some of the things we pulled out for our garage sale were a bit more valuable this time.  Thankfully we checked out what some of them were going for on Amazon and decided to list on there for a bunch more money.

Garage sales are great, but it is harder to sell big ticket items on them. People are usually only expecting to pay a few dollars when they stop.  They are a great place to get rid lots of stuff, but check out the following locations as well for a few items:

  1. Craigslist – great place to sell furniture, electronics, instruments, or anything worth more than $20 that is hard to ship.
  2. Amazon – great place to sell books (like current textbooks or books that are worth more than $10 used), or small electronics.

A bit more info about our experience:

Craigslist is easy to use but is limited to local buyers.  I often get spam e-mails and I have to meet the buyer …which is great if they come to pick up a big piece of furniture, but I don’t want to be home alone or meet after dark.  This also has a free section that works fabulously for getting rid of big bulky things that are really not worth selling.  We have given away a broken dishwasher, truckload of old paint, old boards, old computers and more all within a few hours to people who will come pick it up for free.  I have used it for selling a guitar, flute/piccolo, furniture and just last week a speaker for $30!  My hubby has also had great luck selling tools.

Amazon is even easier to use.  Where Craigslist makes you upload your own pictures, amazon has them for all products already.  The listings are seen by people all over the country and also by people who are looking up new versions.  It is easy to set a price below others that are being offered and track whether your price stays the lowest.

These two, used together, on just a few higher priced items can easily double or triple what you might get if you just garage sale everything.

Last week we made:

  • about $200 on the garage sale
  • 80$ on craigslist (for the speaker and a bed frame)
  • $467 on amazon (my iphone, Xbox, Hiking GPS)

For a total of  about $747!

All from going through our few remaining things when we already thought we had almost nothing left.

Have you found other ways of selling things?


  1. Wow, you guys rock! I wish I could get more on board-however you have inspired me once agian, and I think I shall down size a bit more.

  2. Kari Kari

    that’s awesome! I never have the patience to go through all the work it take to sell the middle priced items (like nice crystal dishes I got for my wedding…anyone want them?) 8-), I usually just pass them on to Goodwill. But I guess the patience to sell things pays off. I also want to learn about your garage sales because they are way more successful than mine!

    • we will chat 🙂

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