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You Are A Writer – by Jeff Goins

The following is a short review of the book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) that was released last week by Jeff Goins.  I signed up on his site a few weeks ago to do a review in exchange for a copy of his book.  So, unlike most of my book reviews, I did technically receive some compensation for this one…I got a free copy of the ebook.  However, don’t tell Jeff, I would have bought his book as soon as it was out because I was really excited to read it 🙂

I shared last week that I have been following Jeff’s blog a bunch lately.  Really, for the past few weeks, it has been the only blog I have kept up on. Why?

Because Jeff has a way of writing that is personal, transparent, positive, challenging, intelligent, and emotional.  You can’t (or I should maybe say I can’t) read his writing and not like the guy.  Reading his writing is like hanging out with a quality friend and resetting the day for the better.  A wonderful taste of authentic that society needs and values, but can’t always find.

On to the book:

In You Are a Writer Jeff explains that we need to stop wasting our time waiting to be picked (or given a title) and pick ourselves.  He talks about how he learned that admitting to himself and calling himself a writer changed his outlook as well as his writing.  I have heard him talk about this idea in interviews and it has really made me think hard.  The book took this to a whole new level and really explained it.  I am very subconscious about my writing.  I got terrible grades in writing, spelling, anything vocabulary, phonics…and anything else connected with that area.  But, I love writing.  I love blogging.  I love putting my thoughts together on page/screen so that I can understand them better and share them with you.  I always have way more ideas in my head about what I want to write about then I ever have at the keyboard to type.  I write because I am a writer and I am a writer because I write. 🙂

If you are at all interested in writing, blogging, sharing yourself using words, this is a great book.  It is a mix of encouragement, instruction, and outlook education.  His book gave me confidants as well as help me ask a bunch of harder questions about what I want to do with my writing.  Plus, there is more than just fancy sounding ideals.  Jeff goes into specific tools, even sample letters to explain what he is talking about.

Specifically written to writers this book has great intentional living/dream building principles.  I think it would benefit anyone trying to grow and build what they love.


  1. When I was in high school (so last century!) I had this idea of being a writer. For several years, my blog has satisfied that itch and I have kept it up – unlike most of the blogs I have followed. I’ll check out Jeff’s blog and see if his blog and book can improve my writing. Thanks.

    • I would recommend it. Not sure where you are at, but it has helped me a bunch 🙂

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