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This blogging thing is still pretty new to me and I have some confessions I need to get off my chest.  Maybe just clarifications.  First off I want to thank-you so much for coming and reading.  I am having a blast with Loving Simple Living and meeting you through e-mail, and comments has been even more fun.  (I totally love those of you who come and read without leaving a trace too, we can still be friends).

Confession #1 – Simple

I don’t always live a simple life.  I am struggling for simple (how wrong is that metaphor?) just like you.  I am totally honest when it comes to the material stuff.  We really don’t own much …and it is getting smaller and smaller by the day.  However all the other intangible simple living is a struggle.  I write as a way to wrap my mind around concepts and to help keep me accountable, not because I have it figured out.

Last week especially wasn’t simple. I was stressed because I was stressed and I was stressed because I am supposed to be blogging about simple.  Double stress 🙂.  We were releasing my husbands Texture A Photo package and it was crazy because neither of us knew what we were doing.  I was up early and late trying to learn InDesign and working on his training and website.  I am really excited with the package he finished with, but it was a crazy few weeks at the end.  I am excited the crazy and stressful parts of our life are now things we are choosing to work on and (for the most part) are fun, but they are not always simple.

Either way, when I blog about lots of this simple stuff I want you to know we are on the journey together.  I am always completely honest when I post about how I am trying to simplify and I struggle day-to-day just like everyone else.

Confession #2 – Life

added to #1, I don’t have life figured out.  I haven’t figured out parenting, cooking, homeschooling, homemaking or anything else I might write about.  Please see these posts as sharing what I am learning.  I never want to give off the impression I have these things figured out.

Confession #3 – Blog

I don’t know what I am doing with this blog.  ack!  I have been trying to learn.  I am trying to figure it out as I go.  What to post, how to post, how often to post, how long to post, when to post, advertising, design, guest posting, and everything else blog related.  I know very little.  It is fun and I have been working and trying to figure it out…but I feel like I have barely started.

On this note, if you see errors in my posts (like spelling, grammar, etc) feel free to let me know.  I am totally not offended and I am trying to learn.

Confession #4 – You

You intimidate me a bit 🙂  I am so excited with the way this site has grown, but through it all I am still amazed everyday people come by to read what I write.  You push me and motivate me.  You keep me on my toes to come up with more and better topics and to clean up my writing.   I want to make sure your stop in my little ‘webhouse’ adds value to your life.

Confession #5 – 😉

I love using smiley faces :).  I used to think they were a bit obnoxious but writing is so much different than speaking.  Sometimes what I write I feel could be taken different ways.  I want you to understand what I write is light and not intended to be too serious or heavy.

So thank-you so much for coming!  If you haven’t already please introduce yourself in the comments or send me an e-mail (I am a little blogger and I read and respond to every e-mail I get).   Simple living is awesome and I hope to learn lots more and share all of it with you. 

Photo Credit: One good looking photographer 


  1. Carmen Carmen

    I don’t think anyone has this stuff completely figured out! 😉

    Confession: I find people in real life very intimidating … and that is as a comparatively confident, outgoing person. I hate to think how shy people feel on a daily basis. We had parent teacher consultations at school last night. Somehow they take me right back to feeling like a child. I’m actually finding this stuff harder as I get older too. Maybe it’s just my mid life crisis, I’m the perfect age for that!

    Have a happy, insecurity-free day!

    • yep, always trying to stretch myself. Wish it wasn’t always fighting insecurities 🙂

  2. Sue Sue

    No need to feel insecure or guilty! We’re all trying to simplify and it’s always a transitional, in process sort of thing. Circumstances change, life changes, children grow up and leave home, you divorce or you don’t, you retire or you don’t. Everything is in flux, and what works today may not work tomorrow. We’re all searching, and blogs like yours help more than you know. Keep up the good work!

    • thanks so much 🙂

  3. We are all a work in progress. If you said you had it all together all the time you wouldn’t be growing.

    • totally agree!

  4. Gail Gail

    Methodists have the expression “striving toward perfection” to honor the journey. We never reach perfection,but the joy/stress and fun of learnig is in the striving. You’re obviously are moving forward so just take the next step.
    I am one of your followers who frequently leaves no comment, but don’t let the “no commenters” discourage your efforts.

    Lastly, sometimes lfe simply is not going to be simple.

    • I like that expression. I think we have to believe in perfection and strive for it knowing that we can never reach it, and being okay with just continuing to grow 🙂

  5. And that’s why I ALSO love reading your blog. You are REAL!! And look at all the progress you have made in such a short time!! You are AWESOME!! And it is a ton of fun to watch you in your journey!! I learn so much. And I like to use a lot of exclamation points so I hear ya! 😉

    • you gotta find a way to add emotion and tone to the words! I am an expressive person 🙂

  6. All stress is not all bad! If new things or difficult things didn’t cause some stress, I don’t think you (or I or anyone) would be caring enough. Without highs and lows, our lives would just be a flat line – and everyone knows that is not good!
    I enjoy reading your ideas, your learning, your progress – and I gather ideas from that. I try to do ‘simple’, but it isn’t simple! Especially with my own business – so your example helps me continue me journey. Thanks!

    • You are welcome!

  7. Confession: I don’t have it figured out either!

    What I love about blogs is that I can get to know the people behind the blog. It’s like we’re all figuring out all these things together and we each have different interests we are compelled to share. So thank you for sharing your quest to live more simply. It inspires me to try and find the simplicity in my own life.

    • Your welcome and thanks so much for your comment. Good to meet you 🙂

  8. Kellee Kellee

    Hi Lori I am one of your readers pops in now and again for a read, I enjoy your posts and this week I read the book you recommended, I could do anything if only I knew what it was. which I really enjoyed. I think were all on a learning journey just keep doing what you are already doing and enjoy it.

    • Thanks Kellee! Good to meet you 🙂

  9. I love it when bloggers don’t have everything figured out! I love seeing the process, the struggles, the insights. It helps make the person writing the blog real and makes me feel like we have more in common. I almost never keep up with “expert” blogs. I’ve heard from others that they feel the same way. So goodness, no worries on that front.

    As for blogging, take little bites and don’t try to tackle everything all at once — that’s what I keep telling myself, at least! I’d never have guessed you weren’t sure what you were doing. But, I’m glad you’re comfy enough to admit it 🙂

    I suppose I’m okay with being mildly intimidating if good things come of it. But really I’m not scary at all!

    And finally, I like smiley faces too. Grin away 😀

    • thanks so much for your comment 🙂 Love your blog too!

  10. Christa Christa

    I love your blog! Your doing a great job.

    • thanks Christa!

  11. You and your site are a breath of fresh air! I found my way here through a comment you left on Michael Hyatt’s blog. I began my journey of simple living many years ago, but I don’t have things figured out either. It’s a continual learning process for me!

    You’re doing an awesome job. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much Amy! Good to meet you 🙂

  12. I love smiley faces as well! And use them because I am afraid people will not understand my meaning. In real life I am a very sarcastic person, and have a dry sense of humor…unfortunately that doesn’t come across so well typing on a computer 🙂

    • Yes! Me too!

  13. Count me in as another fellow blogger who doesn’t have it figured out and loves smiley faces! Thank you for your honesty and openness 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank-you!

  14. Kate Kate

    Thank you so much for this post. It is inspiring to me. Rarely do I get the chance to get inside of someone’s head. Kuddos to you for taking steps every day to reach your goals. Makes me want to work on mine. There is a sign in my daughter’s school that reads… Every expert was once a beginner. I know you are not a beginner but it is good to know we all have days that we feel like beginners.

    • oh, I am a beginner 🙂 Good to meet you! Glad you liked the post 🙂

  15. Dee Dee

    Honesty! I keeps us humble and able to really know who we are. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace to you,

    • Thanks for your comment! Good to meet you 🙂

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