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Compassion International – Simple Compassion

Image: Jill’s Blog – Daily Bread

Today I have a guest post about Compassion International for you from Jill.  

I am honored to be here today, sharing with you about a ministry that has impacted my life in so many ways. We all know poverty exists. Too often we like to turn our eyes the other way and pretend it’s not there. We wish we could do something to make it go away, but the enormity and complexity of it is overwhelming.

If you could rescue one child from extreme poverty, would you do it?

If you could have a significant impact on the life of one person living in extreme poverty, would you step up to the challenge?

I do not have enough power or influence to change the plight of all those living in poverty. Neither do you. But I do have the power and influence to change the life of one child (tweet this), and that’s what I want to talk about.

Compassion International

I first heard about the effects of poverty and my responsibility as a Christian when I was in college. It was then that I heard about the ministry of Compassion International, and the possibility of partnering with them through child sponsorship.

(Here is the link. Loved this video. Praise God so much is being done!)

Compassion International is a Christ-centered, child-focused, holistic development ministry that works in 26 of the most impoverished countries in our world. By working through the local church, Compassion’s programs provide physical, educational, social, economic and spiritual help to children and their families. Their goal is to release children from poverty in the name of Jesus.

As a college student, I stepped out in faith and sponsored my first child, Judith in Kenya. As we began developing a relationship through letters, I realized her life was being greatly impacted by sponsorship. In one letter she reported to me that she used her birthday money to buy a blanket so she could sleep better at night, and also bought chickens so her family could have eggs. Hearing this did something to me and I realized that her life was not the only one that was being changed.

God began to change me and open my eyes to His heart for the poor.

Suppose a brother or sister is without warm clothes and daily food. If one of you says, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” – James 2:16.

Image Credit: Jill Foley

One of the things I love most about Compassion’s child sponsorship program is that my whole family can be involved in ministry together. As a family we pray for our sponsored children and their families. We read and write letters together. As a home educating family, we have taken a global approach to our learning and try to learn as much as we can about the countries and cultures of our sponsored children. We all have “birthday buddies” and it gives extra meaning to our birthday celebrations. (Birthday buddies means your child shares a birthday with a sponsored child)

In August 2010 I traveled to Peru to see Compassion’s ministry there, and in January 2012 my husband traveled to Nicaragua to meet Josseling, whom we’ve sponsored for 9 years. These recent trips opened our eyes to a hurting world and have ignited a passion in us in terms of advocating for these children. We are grateful for opportunities to share in the work God is doing through Compassion.

After 18 years of involvement with Compassion, I can verify that this ministry works. In her final letter to me after six years of sponsorship, Judith wrote…

If I look back into my life, I’ve very much impressed and comforted of what good you have done in me. Your help has shown light in my life. I’m educated. I never knew in my life I would have such kind of education compared to my family’s poor standard of living. Jill Foley, though we shall no longer more communicate, I will never forget you. I will keep on remembering you in my prayers because what you have done in my life is great. May the Lord Jesus give you prolonged life. May you live to be remembered.”

God is using the ministry of Compassion International to change lives. If you want to sponsor your own child, simply go to Compassion’s website and begin browsing through the profiles of children who are waiting.

You can make a difference in the life of one child.

Do you sponsor a child too? (if you are reading RSS join us in the comments)

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  1. Raye Cage Raye Cage

    Compassion International is awesome! I sponsored a child for 13 years, Jane from Uganda, from age 7 or 8 till 21 she was “my child” :0). I still have all her letters and after reading this post I want to re-read the last one she wrote to me!

    What a super cool experience that was to visit Josseling!

    The next time I sponsor someone I will definitely make plans to take a trip there.

    Thanks Jill.

    • We are getting ready to lose Dominic – a boy we have sponsored for the past 12 years in Kenya. I haven’t made it over there to meet him, but will sponsor another boy from his same village when he graduates. This will give me a little more time to get over and if I do, hopefully I can still meet Dominic.

      This past year I went through all my letters from my very first sponsored child, Judith (who I mentioned in this post). I posted each one on my Compassion blog and it was fun to relive them. (

      Thanks for sharing about Jane.

      • I think both you ladies are awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing! We have only be sponsoring for about 3 years and both kids are still young. I would love to go meet them someday. One is in northeast India and one is in Malawi.

  2. If you asked me how sponsoring through Compassion has affected our family, it would take a long time to count through all of the ways. Yes, it was an step of faith to say yes that first time, and every time since then, but I know the Lord led us to Compassion for a purpose.

    Our twelve beautiful children around the world are treasures to us. Blessings. Just less than five minutes ago, I was gazing at the picture of our first little girl, Precious in Ghana, and tears welled up. I know how *real* sponsorship is. I have seen how Precious has changed from a shy girl with downcast eyes to one who exudes confidence in her pictures.

    Thank you so much for sharing the ministry of Compassion International. The difference this makes in the lives of children AND their sponsors is one that impacts the heart, soul and spirit.

    • amen 🙂 Good to meet you. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for this post about Compassion. I’m a sponsor too and this week I had a letter from my boy in Haiti. On the back was the Haitian flag and their national motto: “In unity there is strength”. I thought that was lovely. 🙂

    • That is awesome! Thanks for your sponsorship and your comment 🙂

  4. Crystal Crystal

    I grew up with Compassion — my parents sponsored various kids for as long as I could remember. So of course, when I left home, I got a kid, too! Now we have 2 Compassion kids, and 2 kids of our own at home. And if I ever get rich, I’m getting 100 more!

    • I’ll be praying that God blesses you financially so you can start adding to your Compassion Family : ) I’ve loved watching my own family grow over the years.

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