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Wrecked – The Book


I have been so excited to share this post with you all month.  I have been reading “Wrecked” by Jeff Goins and have loved it.

To start with the disclaimer.  I am on the launch team for this book.  What that means is that I got a free copy of the book and got to brainstorm with about 100 other super cool people about how to help Jeff get the book launched.  I am not paid to be part of the launch team, paid for my review of the book, or paid if you buy the book.  There are no affiliate links in this post.

I have read Jeff’s blog for the last few months, and honestly, it has been the only one I have kept up with.  I used to follow more blogs and hope to in the future because so many are amazing, but lately it has been just Jeff’s.  I like his ideas, the way he expresses himself and the way he thinks.

So when he got his first book published (that he has talked about off and on) I knew I would read it.  Then I found the book site this summer and I was hooked.


when a broken world slams into your comfortable life

Wrecked is about the life we are afraid to live. It’s about radical sacrifice and selfless service–how we find purpose in the midst of pain. It’s a look at how we discover fulfillment in the least likely of places. It’s about living like we mean it. It’s a guide to growing up and giving your life away, helping you live in the tension between the next adventure and the daily mundane. (from amazon description)

Available for sale Aug 1

I have been reading this book for the last few weeks between other projects and summer life.  As I have been reading it I have been trying to figure out what to tell you about it.  I have tried to explain it to friends and family over the phone.

I can tell you:

  1. this is my favorite book of the year
  2. this book was encouraging and empowering
  3. this book really called me out and challenged me
  4. this book has been stuck in my head and really affected the way I have been thinking
  5. I am going to read this book again

Now, ask me what this book is about and I still struggle.  I think it is because I still have to wrap my mind around a lot of Jeff’s ideas and know that I am unable to explain them as well as he can.

Wrecked is the uncomfortable state between normal and reality, between what we are taught and what we experiences, between who we are and who we want to be.  Being and wanting things or ideals  that are impossible but being unsatisfied with less.  

Being wrecked, most often referenced in this book, was about facing real need either in our country or overseas.  About being forever changed by the experience and wanting to help, having a better understanding on life, but also knowing that the problem is much bigger than anything I could fix on my own.

I have been wrecked.  I have been wrecked from a young age hearing about need and understanding how privileged we really are.  I have been wrecked by living in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for six months seeing a whole new way of life with its challenges and way of looking at the world.  I have been wrecked traveling to Mexico and visiting one room houses with chickens running around and some of the nicest people.  I have been wrecked seeing the huge gap between the rich and poor in our country sometimes living so close but so separate to each other.  It is a wrecking experience trying to show and teach my kids about reality, need, and helping while trying to help them process how little we really have control over.

From everything I read about the book and from the site I thought this was the main theme of the book but it is only the start.

What really got to me was the second half of the book about living after being wrecked.   Jeff has the best understanding of our youth/young adult culture now than I have seen anywhere.  Through the entire book I felt he understood me better than I did.  He put words to what I have experienced, learned from, struggle with, and even need to embrace.  …it was almost spooky.

So, yes, I am wrecked.  All this time I thought it was my own weakness not knowing how to process the world around me.  Now I hope to be wrecked even more.  What I do with that wrecked experience and knowledge, and how I live my life now is where I struggle.

The book is about:

  • service
  • growing up
  • intentional living
  • growth
  • purpose
  • perspective
  • pain
  • peace
  • failure

Looking back over this review I feel I have done the book no justice. More than that, I am not sure I have explained the book and I am afraid you (as a reader) are mostly just confused.

My apologies, but to be honest, this is where the book has left me.  Thinking, learning, growing, and unable to put into words my thoughts.   …I will probably post more on ideas from this book in the coming months breaking them down more.

For now, I strongly recommend this book.  I am trying to figure out who I should recommend this book to, but I think it is for more than Christians or young people.  If you struggle with who you are, what your place is, or how you fit into the world.  If you struggle with wanting to live a ‘normal’ life but are not content to do so.  If you feel like you are wandering and are unsure of where you need to end up.  Or if you have life figured out and want to understand the rest of us 🙂  This book is for you. The book goes on sale August 1 but if you want to get started you can get the first few chapters for free here.  

Check out the book’s website for lots more information and to hear about what lots of other people are saying about it.

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  1. Your site is beautiful! I too am a Jeff Goins & Wrecked fan.

    Your review was excellent & made me want to read it again!!

    Keep writing, reading & growing !!

    • Joyce, great to meet you! I am working on reading the book again as well. Really made me think.

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