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Free – Just in time for Labor Day!

Does Labor Day mean a bunch of cleaning out or home projects?  …maybe you could use a touch of minimalism to help 🙂

I am offering my 321  Stop – stop running and start living book FREE!! for 3 days only this week in preparation for the long weekend holiday.

The kindle version will be free August 28-30!

This book has been so much fun since it was released March 21.  It has sold over 2200 copies!  I have heard from so many of you how it has helped you simplify.  I love hearing the stories 🙂

“Lorilee’s book about simple living is truly what we all need a good dose of. She goes step by step in how we can go about simplifying our lives by getting rid of the unnecessary and bringing in the necessary. As an organizing blogger, this is truly one of the things I tell my readers over and over. If you don’t need it, it needs to go. Needs versus wants – and teaching your children at the same time.  She is motivating and truly gets your thinking about what is important. Keeping our lives simple and clutter free will make our minds relax and enjoy what is going on around us.”  — Becky Organizing Made Fun

“I’ve been reading it, devouring it. I think I’m in dire need of it! I love the very practical tips on how to simplify. This isn’t just a ‘change the way you think and everything will be better book’– 321 Stop actually gives you step by step instruction on HOW to make the needed changes in so many areas of life. As I’m reading, I am de-cluttering and really beginning to simplify. I’ve got a long road ahead, but a good guide getting me there.” — AmyMom’s Toolbox

Grab a Copy

If you have read it already I think you rock 🙂  Would you help me spread the word by sharing on social media for me?  You can share this post or you can share the book website.

Thanks so so much!  


  1. Christine Christine

    Thank you Lori! What a gift :). I just downloaded it to my “kindle on PC”–a kindle is on my “someday” wish list 🙂

    • your welcome 🙂 enjoy!

  2. Joetta Joetta

    It is really great that you are offering this book for free, and I would love to have it. However, I have a Nook, not a Kindle, and the Nook version is $5. I don’t know the logistics involved, but it would be nice if these freebies (I have run into this problem on other sites as well) could also be offered to those of us who have a Nook.

    BTW, the Kindle app won’t cut it. The books are not free on the Kindle app, only on the Kindle device.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Joetta, Thanks for your comment! Actually, I needed to pull the book off nook to do the giveaway… and I forgot so I will be doing that this am. I will e-mail you and we will see what we can figure out 🙂

  3. Thanks! I also downloaded to my kindle for PC. Can’t wait to get reading!

    • 🙂 enjoy!

  4. Sara Sara

    Hi Lorilee,

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and just wanted to thank you for this, I think that it is really generous of you to offer us your book for free 🙂 Unfortunately, I am living in the UK and my amazon account doesn’t allow me to download the book. Is it any way I can have it still? Thank you and keep it up!

    • Sara, I wondered about if that would go outside the US. I will e-mail you 🙂

  5. Thanks for the book! Can’t wait to read it and pass it on to my daughter, who is a budding minimalist!

    • awesome 🙂

  6. of course I read this on the 31st. uugghh

    • sorry 🙁

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