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Homeschool Started This Week – and more kid interviews!

We took some pictures of the kids this evening finishing their school projects.   Lily was working on cooking (a school subject on her request) making monkey bread and Ian was finishing his math.

I have to admit I had a lot of fun with Mondays post interviewing the kids.  They had a bunch of fun too 🙂

This week we started out homeschool.  I didn’t plan on starting for a few more weeks but we pulled the books out to start planning last Sunday and the kids decided they wanted to start.  How can I say ‘no’ to that?

Monday Aug 6 began our homeschool year.  I think it is our 4th …but early education is kind of fuzzy on what is school and what isn’t.  I have come a long way in the last few years with how I homeschool and even what I think of homeschool.  There has been struggles but overall I think we are getting somewhere.  Really I think God gives us kids to break/teach us.  I am sometimes a slow learner.

To continue the interview with the kids…Lets ask the kids about homeschool:

Me: What does it mean to homeschool?

Lily: it means staying at home and…

Ian: it means staying at home and doing school work — math, english, spelling, and activities

Lily: tomorrow it is going to mean field trips.

Ian: and we are going to bring some juice too.

Me: Do you like to homeschool?  Why?

Ian: Math

Lily: Half of me likes it and half of me doesn’t

Me: What is your favorite part of homeschool?

Lily: The field trips

Ian: The field trips

Me: What is your lease favorite?

Lily: Math

Ian: I don’t have anything, I love them all

Me:  What does a typical homeschool day look like?

Lily: It looks like doing my math in a flash and reciting a poem.  It also means writing or something else.

Ian: Doing spelling quick

Lily: …and we go on field trips

Me: What did we do today?

Lily: We did math, memorization, a bike ride, and something else I can’t remember

Ian: I’m not done math yet

Me: What was your favorite field trip?

Ian: I don’t know

Lily: Going to the Children’s Museum

Me: Your favorite project?

Lily: The ear project.  We made an ear that I could crawl through (with a drum inside).  We made it out of two boxes.  The Teepee and the skeleton we built.  The skeleton was really sticky.

Ian: Mixing all that stuff.

Me: Is there something you would like to change with the way we homeschool?

Lily: field trips a little bit more often

Ian: nope

There you have it.  They are so stinking cute!  

What our day really looked like was:

  • Math, Writing, Memorization, History, and Cooking for Lily
  • Math, Language Arts, Reading, and History for Ian

We spent 2 1/2 hours doing a bike ride and playing at the park this morning.  They fit their above work in before and after.  Tomorrow I have a surprise field trip planned for them 🙂

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  1. Field trips AND juice?!? No wonder they love home schooling 8=)

    I haven’t started the new school year here yet — with my daughter still in public school it hadn’t occurred to me to start it earlier.

    I better stock up on juice…

    • it is all about the bribes 🙂 You can start and end at any time. I figured if we started early we could take more time off later this fall for a vacation.

      Took them down to the river and we learned about currents, got soaked, wandered sandbars, watched a vulture eat a fish… Good times. That was science in action 🙂

  2. Laura Eadon Laura Eadon

    I don’t know- I don’t think they like the field trips! 😉

    Sounds wonderful. We have been wanting kids (for a few years now). I hope it happens someday. You sound exactly like me with how you raise and school your children.

    They are both so darn cute too!

    • thanks so much 🙂

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