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They’re all Faking it – and you can too

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This has been a huge realization to me and a huge help.  Everyone out there, doing anything impressive, is faking it.

They’re faking it

You know those people you admire who seem so successful.  Writers, photographers, speakers, leaders, …. and more.  Those people who are so successful.  They’re faking it.  And you can too 🙂

Last fall when I was starting out with my blog and was dreaming about writing a book I fell across an interview with Jeff Goins where he talked about when he first realized he could ‘be a writer’.  He talks about it in depth in his book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).  The idea is that when you start calling yourself a writer you begin to act differently.  You can choose to become a writer, you don’t have to ask anyone permission.

The idea was huge to me.  No one had ever called me a writer… or even suggested I try writing more, but I could decide to be a writer all on my own.  Where last week I talked about an area where ‘fake it till you make it’ doesn’t work this is an area where it is the key to success.

I read more about this idea from Seth Godin (I think he talks about it in lots of his books).  The idea that everyone is scared, and the people who do succeed are the ones that can overcome the fear of failure.  … they still fail, but often it takes several failures to get a success.

Then my husband told me about ‘staying above the 45’.  This idea seemed to pull everything else together.  He got the idea from David duChemin with this post, who got the idea from Dylan Brown… who may have gotten it from someone else, but it is gold.

Here is the basic idea:

Think of a graph.  The Y axis is challenge and the X axis is ability.  If you always do everything you are able to do you are on the 45 degree angle.  But that isn’t enough, you are to stay above the 45 – always doing more than you have the talent for.  Faking it and pushing yourself to be better and better.  This is doing things that are scary, afraid that they will fail or afraid people will see you are faking it.

Stay above the 45 – keep pushing yourself to do more than you have the ability to do.  This doesn’t mean overwork yourself, it means pick projects that are a bit more challenging than you think you can handle, take on responsibilities that will require growth to accomplish.   Way to often we stay more than busy with things we know we can do – this doesn’t force us to grow.

So no matter what you are trying to do, stay above the 45 – fake it.  Everyone is doing it 🙂

As I was searching for David’s post about above the 45, I found this one too – faking it.  This amazing world traveling photographer admits he is faking it.  You can too!

… oh, and in case you ever wonder… I am totally faking it 😉

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  1. Great advice! I think most people look to others and immediately see only the best, and unfortunately no one is perfect, and trying to compare ourselves to others will never work. I think that believing in yourself is definitely the first step to greatness 🙂

    • if only believing in yourself was easier 😉 I am trying, but some days it is easier than others.

  2. I have been calling myself a writer for a year and sometimes I undermine myself and say, “But I used to be an English teacher.” implying that a writer is not as important. It is hard to accept yourself as writer and fake it when you by nature are self critical.

    • yes! It is easy to come up with lots of ‘self’-abuse.

  3. Great post! It’s so hard to get over the idea that everyone else can do everything so much better than me. But if everyone always saw things that way no one would ever do anything.

    • yep 🙂

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