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Want to Live the Good Life?

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Do you struggle with negativity, busyness, guilt, or self-doubt but really wish you had a good life?  I think we all struggle with the negative and wish for something better.

Negative thoughts change a perfectly decent life in to one that sucks!  Sometimes we can remove these negative thoughts from our heads but often it is hard to do.

Want to live the good life?

Maybe, instead of trying to remove the bad we need to be trying to add the good?

This is often talked about with thankful thinking.  The more you focus on what you are thankful for the better you feel.

However, I think it goes way farther than thankful thinking.  I think we can add good thoughts to counter any negative thought we have.  Fill our lives up so full with positive thoughts there is no room for the negative ones anymore.  That is the good life.

  • Thankful Thinking works against thoughts that we don’t have everything we want. Things we wish we had might be economical, material, professional, relational and more.  Being thankful can turn this around.
  • Remembering accomplishments fights self-doubt.  Focus on what you have gone for and done.  Make a list if you need help remembering.  It doesn’t really matter if what you tried failed, it matters that you tried for it.  Everyone who tries things and succeeds can tell you about things that didn’t work.  It is almost a pre-requisite. The accomplishment is in the trying and taking a risk.
  • Focusing on who you are going to be.  Setting a ‘personal mission statement’ or goals on the person you want to be fights against guilt and regret.  As long as everything you can do to change the past is done, move onto the future and focus on the possibilities.
  • Focusing on the most important things helps remove busy-ness.  (the full post on this is here)
  • Focusing on your good qualities including physical, relational, and your personality helps you be more positive about yourself.  Ask a friend if you have trouble coming up with something positive.  (For what it counts, I think you rock 🙂)

Replacing negative thoughts through the day with positive ones makes a big difference.  Ever notice that some people always complain about the weather “too cold, too hot, too dry, wish it would stop raining… and more”?  There is no need for that!  Flip that around to the positive.  There are even people who look at the news positively ‘So glad it wasn’t much worse, the police/firemen/whoever did such a good job’.

Do you find yourself being negative and having a suck-y life.  Instead of becoming frustrated and trying to stop those thoughts, just replace them with good ones.

But this can go beyond thoughts too:

  • Your schedule getting you down – add the good
  • Your surroundings getting you down – add the good
  • Your relationships getting you down – add the good

The thing is that good often doesn’t bring itself into your life.  Typically fate and life collect the negative automatically. You need to create the good life.  Bring in the good and there won’t be as much room for the bad.  (or it won’t take as much of your focus)

So tell yourself you are awesome, do something hard, and treat yourself special today.

How are you going to add the good today?  (if you are reading RSS join us in the comments)

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  1. Kim Kim

    Great post to start my day off. I am extremely guilty of constant negative thoughts and get myself in such a rutt that at most times I see no good and that makes for a very grumpy “Me” here at home. I was just about to go off and say all the reasons I’m so negative but maybe I should just say, while my situation isn’t perfect I do have a beautiful little girl, a loving husband, two wonderful dogs and we are not drowning in debt. The house and town I live in are far from what my ideals are, I know this will be changing in time, my biggest demon to this change is that I am a creature of Instant Satisfaction, when I don’t see change immediately I throw my hands up in the air and mess everything up. Maybe making some morning lists and writting positive words and thoughts in places throughout the house will help change it up a bit….
    Thank you for your post. Here’s to a brand new day 🙂

    • Kim, your welcome 🙂 Instant satisfaction is so tempting. I think we are almost programmed to expect it because technology lets us have it in some areas of our life. Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    I really like this line – “You need to create the good life. Bring in the good and there won’t be as much room for the bad.” I want to apply this with the bad habits I have. I’ve noticed that simply thinking my way out of bad habits doesn’t work. They’re too ingrained in me! Instead, I’m trying to replace the bad habits with good ones I’d like to have. The key is to not beat myself up when I fall onto the bad habit again – when I do that, I miss opportunities to let the good in.

    • Yep 🙂 It goes along the same lines with the positive re-enforcement being so much better. I didn’t think of that until you mentioned ‘beating yourself up’. It is totally true. With any habit it is easier to change if you focus on the positives you will ‘get’ than being upset about slipping or running from something you don’t want.

  3. Eileen Eileen

    This is so timely for me! I was a SAHM for almost 5 years, then ended up back at work full time about a year ago. At first it was exciting to be back and earning a paycheck, but it has lost a little bit of its shine now, and I find myself bemoaning the fact that I’m not at home. Eventually I’ll be able to cut back to part time, but this is the season I’m in now. So really trying to work on being thankful that I have a supportive husband, 4 healthy kids, a job that overall I love, and coworkers that are great to be around. It helps put it in perspective as well when I talk to my patients and hear about their so much more difficult circumstances. I think I’ll be adding a list of the positive to my evening routine.
    Keep up the inspiring work 🙂

    • Thanks Eileen 🙂 So glad you liked it!

  4. how you think makes a big difference in your mood and your state of mind.
    it just so happens that many people would rather stay negative minded.

    • yep. I think the negativity feels comforting to some and they get used to it 🙁

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