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Simple Challenge #3 – $$


How did the challenge go last week?  How did your spice cupboard look?

I went through mine last Friday.  Pulled everything out, and put everything back in.  I have cinimmon sticks from 2 years ago but going into the winter I love them in hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced coffee 🙂  I am not sure what the shelf life on them is.  Otherwise nothing in there more than 2 years old.

Ready for this week?

Can we do a ‘No Spend’ week?

A friend of mine did a No Spend Month in July here is her post about how they did it.  She blogged all month and has awesome pictures and cute kids.  I haven’t read as much as I would like but here is Day 1 and you can scroll through the whole month if you would like.

I would love to try a No Spend month sometime but we are taking off on vacation next month (more info on that soon).  However, I can do a No Spend week.

Starting today (Sunday) I am tracking my spending and am only going to spend for:

  • Gas
  • Food – necessary for the week

(To be honest I am not sure how this is going to go because my husband is doing a bunch of work travel and we have been going along when we can)

You can make rules specific to you and your situation, but what can you do to limit or eliminate spending this week?

We are out camping this weekend, I hope you all are having a great fall weekend too 🙂


  1. Jennifer G Jennifer G

    We are trying to get a buffer built back up in our account so we have been doing a no spend month. (it will probably continue into a no spend winter) and my hubby is HATING it. But he is doing it with me and we are starting to see a little progress 🙂

    • It is hard stuff… I am on day 2 and it is harder than I thought 🙂

  2. Laura Laura

    I haven’t been on the computer in a few days so I missed this one until today!

    The only thing I bought yesterday was peanut butter and vanilla frosting. Starting today, we wont buy anything until next Monday. If we are counting (necessary) food and gas, it might not be too hard! But there is one way to find out!

    • Not sure how to do the weekly challenges and still give people time to find the post… I wondered about that when I posted it. We went camping and got back last night with a half gallon of gas. My husband got me 2 gallons and I did a load of ‘coin’ laundry today… but I think I can keep it pretty minimal after this. 🙂

      • Laura Laura

        I try to get on Sunday nights (or Monday mornings) just to look at the weekly challenge you post. I figure Sunday-Sunday or Monday-Sunday will work.

        PS I got HALF of the bathroom done. Will do other half later. I should have taken pictures of before and after to send you!

        • ooh, pictures would have been cool 🙂 I meant to take a picture last night for the make-up, but didn’t have enough time.

  3. This is great! Peter and I are in Mexico right now and have been spending more than we expected to – so a no spend week is kind of crucial when we get back. I’ll definitely have to try this out.

    • Mexico sounds super fun right now! Hope the weather is awesome for you 🙂

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