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Road Trip 2012 – Southeast USA, Here we come!

Oregon Coast – 2011 Road Trip

On the road again!

Two years ago we toured the northeastern states up to Maine.  Last year we went up into western Canada, saw Banff and then went over to the west coast and traveled down into California.  Then we cut across to the Grand Canyon and back up to Omaha.  This year?

When you read this we will be well on our way!

The basic path is from Omaha, to DC, down the coast to Florida and back up through the Smoky Mountains.  We are going to hit Chicago, The White House and Capital Building, Colonial Williamsburg, Disney and more!

I will be blogging the trip here.  I will be blogging a few days behind because internet is iffy, it takes me a while to get pictures and posts ready, and I am weird about letting people know where I am 🙂

Why all the road trips?

Maybe we are a bit weird, but our family loves to spend the time together and explore.  Hopefully we will get the chance to explore out of the country more, but for right now we are trying to see as much of our own country as possible.

How can we take off so long?

Well, we are self-employed so we can leave for as long as we want and not get paid.  ah, one of the huge perks.  We travel as cheap as possible so that we can be gone as long as possible.  We will be camping and cooking and doing all the free stuff we can find.  Our budget for this 6 week trip is $3500.  We live in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment and save over $500 from where we lived before we simplified and this is where we decided to spend the savings.


I want to keep up this site as well as blog through our trip.  To do this I have set up a ‘sub’ site at to record our travels.  I will do my best to keep up with my regular posting here at Loving Simple Living and your RSS feed or e-mail will not include any travels.

If you would like to follow our travels come by the roadtrip site.  You can sign up for updates by RSS or e-mail for just our roadtrip updates.  (when we are done our trip you won’t keep getting updates and it is super easy to unsubscribe from the bottom of the e-mail)

Okay… off to more packing 🙂


  1. Wow,cool!!! I wish you guys an awesome and awesomely blessed safe trip! Looking forward to reading the other site. When you go into the Great Smokey Mtns,wave hello,you’ll undoubtedly pass close to here,I’ll be sending you “kneemails” (prayer :P) for safe and fun trip,my friend 🙂

    • thanks! We will be by the Smokey’s near the end of the trip. My husband is super excited to photography them 🙂

      • Definately some beautiful counrty-side!

  2. Kim Kim

    Have a wonderful trip! I live for roadtrips, that is the main reason I’ve chosen to live minimalist life. Thats how I ended living from Wisconsin to a small town at the base of the Beartooth mountains, just my dogs and I and an old Winebago. The world is far to large and full of endless possibilities to sit still. Enjoy, learn and be safe. I will be following your trip blog… Enjoy (I can’t say that enought)…..

    • we live for road trips too 🙂

  3. Christine Christine

    Have a safe, great trip! I’m dying to hear about your DC experience–we are hoping to head there in April with our two teens. Take care!

    • I am pretty excited too 🙂 Make sure to sign up for tours soon. They say you need 6 months to get into the White House. Since we are self-employed I never know anything 6 months in advance so we didn’t have that much time to plan.

  4. Sounds like a fun time! I am extremely interested to see how much you spend at Disney. My family lives in Tampa, and so we have gone several times – and it has never been cheap 🙂 Sounds like an amazing experience for your family though! Enjoy!

    • me too… let me know if they have any tricks. The kids are so excited and we want to make sure they have a good time, but we want to make sure we don’t spend all the gas money to get home either. We love the Tampa side and are planning to get out to Clearwater too 🙂

  5. Good for you seeing the country. Maybe when the kids get a little older you can go oversees with them. Traveling is the best education in the world.

    • yes!

  6. I just rediscovered your blog. I’ve visited before, but today I spent a good amount of time perusing. How refreshing! Do you ever have a seed of something in your heart that you don’t know how to put into words and you think you’re the only one feeling in such a way? That’s how I’ve been feeling all week, and reading about your minimalist life was such a Godsend. I found that I’m not the only “backwards” one who feels trapped by “stuff” and how it complicates my days! I plan to start a journey towards “less” this week!

    • It is always good to know there are lots of us ‘crazies’ out there 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it!

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