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School – Back in the Day

Way back, long long ago, back when there were covered wagons and sod houses, back when there was mostly prairie grass and dirt roads, back around the time Brenda was born (haha, just kidding.  I have to bug her cause she is older than me) there was a little school house in Nebraska.  Little, cute, and white 🙂

Now this school house is moved and at a park in Lincoln Nebraska and Lily was able to go and live it.  So fun!

Early Friday morning she showed up with her sunbonnet, prairie dress, apron, lunch pail and even homemade bloomers.  I married well 🙂  Grandma is an amazing seamstress.

She learned things like:

  • She couldn’t choose her seat and sit by her friend because she was short and had to sit at the front
  • All the girls had to sit on one side
  • To answer a question she had to stand up by her chair
  • School was very hard
  • They don’t give you enough time to write your spelling words three times on your slate

Love all the little sun bonnets 🙂

I didn’t get to stick around, I am sure she learned more, but this is what she told me.

Here is another super cute pic of her:

While she was in school we went on a hike and had fun with milkweed.   We also found an amazing nature center where Ian and his friend got to meet 2 rescued owls and touch a huge! (like 6 – 7 foot long) rat snake and an even bigger bull snake.  We also scored some owl pellets to dissect.  Here is a picture of the milkweed:

All and all a beautiful fun day full of lots of hands on learning 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. There is an old school house near me and every summer there is ‘Life in the Past Lane’ through Community Ed for 3 days. Sounds similar. I get to go and show the kids how to spin on my spinning wheel. I even get to dress up. It is so fun to see the kids play with jacks and hear them sing BINGO and other traditional songs. I bet your daughter will remember her day for a long time!

    • These are the moments in education that they will actually remember 🙂

  2. LOVED this post! Little House (with the Ingles) is still one of my favorite shows-decent,heartwarming and often funny too-simpler times I’m too young to remember at 39.

    • I don’t think I ever got to see the shows but we love the books!

      • I’ve never read the books…I grew up watching the shows (with Michael Landon),as did my wife. We still watch them (they’re on everynight for 2-4 hours on GMT,a faith based channel if I’m not mistaken),our daughter loves it as well (we also watch Dr. Quinn every night too,LOL! :p),but our son,well,can’t get him into anything not bicycle/motorcycle/fast car related (ah…he takes after his Dad,LOL,but needs to broaden his horizons:p).

  3. We did this when I was younger as well. Of course I did it in Maine…here So much fun to see what it was like back then.

    • wow, that does look like a fun place!

  4. Laura Laura

    Amazing! What a cool learning experience. I’m so jealous!

    I’ve always longed for times like when the Ingles were here. Simple times.

    Lily, what did you think?
    What was your favorite part?
    What do you think would have been the hardest part for the kids in that time at school?
    Do you think they had it better back then?

    • Laura, here are Lily’s answers:

      1. it was hard, hard, hard
      2. grinding corn with the corn machine
      3. writing spelling words 3 times each on a VERY small slate
      4. no … (she says as she lays in bed beside me reading a kindle… school is a little different now :))

  5. I vividly remember visiting Log Cabin Village as a kid in Fort Worth. (But we didn’t do the full on dress.) She’ll remember this always!

    • the cloths were what I was worried about…it was a lot of work, but it was fun 🙂

  6. Karen Karen

    I attended a one room country school so similar to this from kindergarten through eighth grade. I would have started kindergarten in 1961. I don’t think it was any harder work than they have today, except for the teacher. The teacher had to do all subjects, for all grades, do PE, do music, and be the janitor. As a student we had a lot more freedom, and had great adventures, such as sledding at recess and riding our horses to school. We did have to use outhouses until around 1966. Overall, we got a great education in a safe and fun environment.

    • I would take the horses… but probably not the outhouse… I am so spoiled 🙂

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