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Simple Challenge #4


Welcome to Simple Challenge.  I just planned out challenges for the rest of the year last night and I am excited 🙂

So the No Spend week was harder than I thought.   I hadn’t done any grocery shopping for the week because we were going camping… and I could only plan so far.  We got back Sunday afternoon to empty cupboards and with only a half gallon of gas.  On top of that my husband REALLY wanted to order a new pair of glasses because his were really scratched.  (he threw his last good pair out the window.  He turned around and stopped to go get them, but just before he was able to run into oncoming traffic someone ran over them…or such is the story he told me).

  • I did some google-ing and found a ‘home remedy’ for scratched glasses – Turtle Car Wax.  Price $4.28 (but probably a couple hundred in savings based on past glasses buying experience).  They didn’t remove the scratches completely, but he is happy with the result.
  • We also got 2 gallons of gas to go through the week.  Price $8.12
  • Monday I had to do a load of laundry because everything smelled like smoke.  Price $2.75
  • I posted about the Barlow Family Benefit and thought I really needed to get the bundle, for a good cause, and because I was asking my readers to.  Price $5.00
  • Wednesday I drove my kids half-way across town for a church program only to forget my phone. I had to drive all the way back home to get my phone using my precious gas for the week.  I also returned a shirt I bought last week for Bryon. Price (6.41).
  • The rest of the week we managed to not spend anything else.  …food had to get creative by the end of the week but it was great to get the cupboards cleaned out.

Total = 13.74

My husband ended up gone for the whole week with work so he ended up spending a bunch on travel expenses but for the three of us we made it work.

It was good to have the reminder of all the other times during the week I would have either spent gas or money.  It would be fun to do a month sometime 🙂

Okay, ready for this weeks Challenge?

Sell something.

Pretty easy, can you find something (big or small) that you don’t need anymore that you could sell?

Good Luck!


  1. Kimberly Kimberly

    I would really love to do a no spend week too. I’m not sure how well it would go with the hubs, 3 teenagers, and 2 dogs to consider. I’ll be selling a couple of nice bags I don’t use anymore on Ebay this week. Love your newly discovered blog!!

    • Perhaps propose it as a bit of fun, Kimberly. And the money you save, spend it on a nice experience for the family.

    • yeah… might be a bit hard. You can probably do it setting limits. Like, no spending for certain areas. Or limiting spending each day to a specific amount.

  2. Thats a great tip on the Turtle Wax for glasses scratching,thanks! As for last week’s challenge,it was bill-pay week,as well as supplies as I get paid (only on) the 3rd of each month,we’ll be doing that this week (starting today),as well as the current challenge at the same time…I already have a dozen items on eBay,and a couple of small boxes packed with things I’ll donate 🙂

    • the turtle wax worked for the plastic lens. A bit of google-ing gives all kinds of home remedy ideas. If glasses are so scratched they need replaced anyways there is nothing to loose 🙂

      • “If glasses are so scratched they need replaced anyways there is nothing to loose…” Good point 😉 🙂

  3. I like that challenge. I’ll take you up on it. In fact, I have a couple of textbooks listed on a site called Textbook Exchange. Thing is, there won’t be much of a demand for those particular books for a little while — until the next semester starts. Might list some other stuff on eBay for a bit of fun.

    • sounds great 🙂

  4. Laura Laura

    No problem with the “no spending” last week! Gas and food were our only purchases!

    I am going to break down and sell my record player that I haven’t actually listened to in years. But I’m going to keep just one album… My dads original Beatles record “Yellow Submarine” with his name and year on it 🙂 I’ll tuck it away in a little suitcase I keep under my bed with some mementos (Dad’s troll doll from 1950’s, great grandmas pocket watch, not much else but those types of things)

    Wish me luck!

    • good luck 🙂

  5. Kim Kim

    I’ve been away for a bit, back as of today. I’m going to follow along by starting with your current Goal, when you all are done, I’ll just go back and start at week one through week 3. Did that make sense? I’ve only had a few sips of coffee so far, please forgive me if this is jumbled up.

    Sell Something… Great Goal! I have a few things, things that would save so much space for us, I’ve just been terrible with procrastinating… I’m all over this one 🙂

    Have a wonderful week!

    • I follow you 🙂 I would love to do a year of simple challenges and then repeat them, we will see how many I can come up with. Let me know if you have any ideas. Good luck selling 🙂

      • Kim Kim

        I sold the art desk out of my daughters room. We bought it when she was two, turning 6 next month has out grown it, she was only using it to pile junk on We are both happy, big area cleared in her room and she’s happy as she gets the money to divide between savings, sunday school and her future fish tank (at least thats what she’s currently saving for).

        Since theres so much of the week still ahead of us, maybe good time to try and sell something else, like that serving tray I got for a wedding gift 15 years ago, never used it, the marriage has been over for 6 years, I think its time to send it down the road…..

        A year of simple challenges… Sounds great and I will let ya know if anything comes to mind. Thank you so much for posting these, as much as I already know I have to do these things, its nice to have a group of people doing them to give me that extra kick in the butt motivation 🙂

        • Kim Kim

          Actually, I was just thinking, maybe the no spending week could be something you may want to rotate in to your challenges maybe every 4 to 6 weeks? I dont know, just a thought 🙂

          Have a Wonderful Day!

          • hum, interesting idea. I have thought of a few that could rotate like that 🙂

        • yay! Good for you!

  6. I am joining the challenge. I will be dropping somethings at Goodwill & posting something on Craigslist!
    This is such a great Idea, I would love to blog about it too!

    • sounds awesome 🙂

  7. Wow, the no spending week would be tough but interesting! I like the idea, I could try it for a day to start. I’m sure I’ll find something I can sell this week I have a new baby so I’m sure I can sell some of her stuff we don’t use anymore.

    • sounds good! Babies seem to generate so much stuff 🙂

  8. Natalien Natalien

    I am going to sell my double jogging stroller/bike trailer. It’s a little late in the game since we are halfway through autumn but I hope there are some interested people on Kijiji and Craigslist.

    • Back when I was in the market for those it was a hot item, I would think you would still have a good chance. Good luck!

  9. Gail Gail

    I want to sell my 1960s Barbie stuff on CL. I’ve modeled my wording after successful ebay sellers and priced merchandise 20% below, provided good detailed pics…….absolutely zero response on any of my 7 items. So I am testing out the concept of “patience” – not my strongest virtue and am waiting for buyers. I want to give 40% to local cat rescue.

    I am open to ideas

    • hum, I haven’t done anything on ebay but my mother-in-law does a bunch. I know she says descriptions and pictures are really important. She has also had things not sell the first time and then sell well later, so patience probably factors in. You need the right people, the right time, the right price. Good luck!

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