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Simple Challenge #7 – Outside Clutter

What closet did you clean out last week?  What did you find?

Because we have been on the road for over two weeks now the only closet I can clean out is the car.  I did that Monday… and it seems I need to do it every few days because stuff gets so messed up.  After packing up 6 times now we have gotten better at packing the car as well 🙂

Ready for your next challenge?

Outside clutter.  Because the weather is starting to turn cold (up here in the northern half of the world) I thought this week would be a good time to look outside the home.  What do you have stacked or laying around the yard that needs organized and decluttered?

Currently the things I keep outside on the deck of our apartment are:

  • 2 kids bikes
  • small grill
  • hammock chair

When we minimalised our life we got rid of most of our outdoor things.

If you really get excited you can clean out the garage this week as well.  SO much stuff gets stacked in the garage that doesn’t need to be kept at all.  We had a small one stall in our home before we downsized but it was packed with stuff.  Now we don’t have a garage at all.

Okay, I wish you good weather this week and fun decluttering the outdoor stuff 🙂


  1. I’m going to be honest; I haven’t done much by the way of decluttering for a few weeks. And I am currently residing in Guilty Town. The reason: we’re currently in Spring and I have been enjoying the outdoors more and more. Gardening and general relaxing in the sun has taken more time. I will be able to relax better one I have the house under control. This weekend, I am jumping to it!

    • oh, I wish I could switch down to your area for half the year. Love spring and summer 🙂 You got to enjoy the good days while you have them.

      • I use to be very much a winter person. But since I have developed my love for gardening, I long for spring time. 😀

      • I use to be very much a winter person. But since I have developed my love for gardening, I long for spring time.

  2. I cleaned out our linen closet. It was stuffed to the brim, and I pretty much gutted it, lol. Seeing the organized space makes me so much happier now. It is really the only storage space in our apartment so we keep the linens for each bed in each bedroom, the towels in the bathroom, and the things that don’t go anywhere else (fans in the winter, heaters in the summer, my camera gear, our craft bin and tool box) in the linen closet.

    I also went through a bunch of the children’s clothing and donated a bunch of stuff. I plan on making DIY closet dividers soon but I need to collect enough cardboard first 🙂

    Thanks for the challenge! It motivated me this week!

    • yay!

  3. Kim Kim

    I cleaned out the closet in our entry way which holds all our coats, winter gear (scarves, gloves, hats) plus also our dog food and other over stock items (We live about an hour from any place to grocery shop so I have to shop for at least a month at a time). I tossed some old fireworks, kept a small pack as we were not able to do fireworks this year due to dry conditions. I also noticed I have some cleaning & spider sprays in there that don’t even belong there. While it made some room, its still stuffed, I had to run to town for dog food, that run is 3.5hrs each way so I buy about 1.5months worth of that stuff. The closet is packed but at least its more organized….
    Perfect timing for cleaning the yard clutter. Its been pretty cold the last week, this week we are looking for 50s so I’ll be able to get out there and get stuff cleaned up before snow hits 🙂
    Jordan and I took a small roadtrip this weekend and I know what you mean about needing to clean out the car every few days. We started off so organized Thursday night, by the time we got home Sunday morning I felt like the Suburban was going to burst….
    Wishing you all safe travels! I’ve been enjoying your roadtrip pictures and posts. Thank you 🙂

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