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Simple Challenge #5


How did the challenge go last week?  Did you sell something?

We have been trying to get stuff done all week and leave on vacation.  I found 5 printer ink cartridges from an old computer that I wanted to sell… but couldn’t figure out where I could list it that would still make it worth while after I paid for shipping.  Instead I donated them to Goodwill.  We have made 2 donation runs this past week 🙂

Lily sold something!  She sold a skirt that she didn’t wear anymore to ‘Once Upon a Child’ and they gave her $2.80 for it.

Ready for this weeks challenge?

E-mail has become a huge addiction for me.  I justify it because it has been mostly work related with my book promotions lately, but checking it has become a nervous twitch.  This is something I have tried to cut down before but then another busy time hits and I get caught back up in constantly checking.

Lately I have made sure I close my e-mail after I am done reading when I am going to keep working on the computer.  It is just too hard not to jump back and forth and it wastes so much time.

So the challenge this week is to check e-mail only once a day.  

This might be totally impossible for you.  Or you might be thinking… this is crazy… I only check every few days anyways.  You can modify the challenge based on your work or current habits.  The goal – check e-mail only as often as necessary… really, people don’t need me to respond in 10 minutes to their e-mails, a day is easily soon enough.

good luck!


  1. Laura Laura

    Oh man… now THIS is a challenge for me!!!

    • no kidding! … that is why I kinda cheated with this one and did it while we were traveling 🙂 I would like to see if I can do only once a day for our whole trip…but we will see how that goes.

  2. I sold a dozen model kits on eBay this past week 🙂

    Once per day,eh? I can do that (I didn’t say it wouldn’t be heck doing it,LOL,just said I can :p)

    • congrats on the sales!

      • Thanks…I need to put about 75-100 more on there,LOL :p,seriously. I think I will throw another dozen on there,I have 2+ copies of several more,I could convince me that I could spare those,LOL!

  3. I sold some things on ebay. I can totally do the check your e-mail once per day thing.

    • awesome 🙂

  4. Kim Kim

    It was a great week of selling stuff. I sold a serving dish I had for over 15 years and never used plus I listed Jordan’s Art desk she has grown out of and was taking up space in her room, she got the money for it and split it up with savings and her goal $ for something she is saving for. We are lucky in this area we have on Facebook New & Used pages that are broke down by area counties which makes selling easy and no worry of shipping costs, etc. What I listed sold super fast 🙂

    I am excited for this weeks challenge. I am going to try to incorporate Facebook along with email and just see how much more productive my days are.

    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

    • awesome. I am going to try the social media thing too 🙂

  5. I just started trying this last week, partly to reduce the time waste and partly because I tend to read things on my phone and not deal with them, then lose track. Instead, I want to get better about reading at the computer and dealing with it immediately!

    • yes, I have noticed I do this when I check on my husbands phone (my phone isn’t ‘smart’). I want to read, answer, file (or delete) all at the same time. Otherwise I look at it later not knowing if I answered.

  6. I actually tried this on my own (several times!) and failed miserably. I did, however, turn off the notifications I get on my phone, so I check much less when I’m not actually at my computer. And I made a rule that I try to follow (even if I often don’t): I can check, but I have to deal with whatever email I find right then and there!

    • I keep trying and failing too. (hopefully I can make it a week this time :)) I end up needing to look for an urgent e-mail or something multiple times a day or need to get back on to find information for a post I am writing later… or some other excuse. I want to develop the habit of not reading anything ‘non-urgent’ except for once a day.

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