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Operation Warm – Simple Compassion

Operation WarmImage:

“I just can’t stand the thought of a cold kid” – quote by a donor

When I heard that it really hit me.  I really can’t stand that thought either.  I hate being cold.  Not only does it feel terrible, but it puts a person more susceptible to getting sick and harder to get better.  I hate the thought of a kid being cold.  I love the idea of Operation Warm.

Operation Warm

Operation Warm was started in 1998 and its mission is to give warm coats to kids.  Winter months in cold areas can be very hard on poor families.  Heat bills can go through the roof, especially on the older homes or buildings.  If money for food was already short the winter bills make the basics of food, shelter, and clothing very hard.

Check out this awesome movie they made:

What I hadn’t thought of is the other areas of the kids lives that are affected.  In lots of areas not having warm cloths to attend school causes these kids to miss out on education.  To many kids, school meals are the only food they get, and also a chance to be in a positive and safe environment.   All missed out on for something that seems so simple…

a warm coat.

 Want to help?

Operation Warm has given away over 1 million coats.  Can we help them give away another million?

Thanks for reading!

Note: I found this picture on and it was so cute.  It is the same coat as my daughter has and this girl looks similar too 🙂