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Simple Challenge #9 – Digital Clutter

How did you do with your phone?  Were you able to leave it, or turn it off when you didn’t need it last week?

I have barely used my phone at all for the past few weeks, it has been great.

… however I have gotten into a bad habit of playing my husband’s iphone games on his phone while he is driving, so it will probably good when we get home for him to take it with him during the day again.  I am reminded that I really can’t handle a smart phone.

Ready for this week’s challenge?  … this is the biggest challenge for me personally yet.

Clear out Digital Clutter

It seems like I do this every year or so but it seems like there is clutter everywhere:

  • old documents
  • pictures
  • free books
  • programs
  • scanned files

and so much more.

Clean out the ‘closets’ of the computer.

It isn’t the clutter that causes night-time-tripping, or 5-minute-to-company-coming-panic but it is still clutter that gets in the way of what we need to do and what we do want to save.

Good luck!


  1. For the most part digital clutter doesn’t get in my way. It’s due to the way I search for things in my digital space. Rather than browsing folders I use Spotlight to maximum effect and search keywords, arriving at the document I need in little time. Having said that, I am notorious for having many versions of a document for no good reason. This is what I will cull in particular.

    • yes. I have trouble because I don’t always remember what I named files. I also keep too many copies of pictures I use and it starts using up lots of space… hope to start on this project tomorrow.

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