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You Are Truly Amazing


I know this is a minimalist and simple living site but I have been reminded from several angles just how important this is to anything we try to do with our lives.

You are truly amazing!

I have been reminded how important that belief in oneself is to any kind of life change or accomplishment.  Talent and courage play a part, but way to often people don’t believe in themselves enough to try.

Do you know of someone who could be so much more than they are?  Are they talented with something but don’t have the confidence to go for it?  Do they think they don’t deserve to be a friend or be part of a team?

It is often easier to see these things in others, but do you struggle with this as well?

If you looked at yourself from the outside (not easy to do) are there things that you could/would be doing if you believed in yourself?

As people, we are all very similar.  We may look different than each other or have different talents, but for the most part we are all the same.  It is when we believe that others are much better or worse than us that we run into trouble.  People are people.  People are valuable.  People all have potential.  People aren’t perfect.

Unless you’re dead you have something you can offer the world. (tweet this) Nothing anyone said in the past about you or ways you were treated have to define the way you live now.  No mistakes or missed opportunities in the past have to dictate where you are going to go now.  You don’t have to explain or justify anything.

  • If you believed you were amazing and had potential how would it change your life?
  • If you believed that a failure wouldn’t be held against you and that you would be able to try again what would you do?

Changes toward minimalism or any other change in life is hard because it is against the norm.  However, if you believe in your value and your own judgement you can make these choices even though others don’t agree with them.

But if you don’t believe that you can trust your own decisions and look to others to let you know if you are valuable you won’t have the courage to make these life changes.  On top of that, it becomes a guilty burden that further decreases your belief in yourself for failing at another thing.

So I don’t care if you become a minimalist or ever make the change to simple living (though I think it rocks and would love to help you).  What I care about is that I can live in a world where people believe they have value.


Because people who can see their value are the ones that can lead change, they aren’t afraid to think outside the box, they are willing to learn and try things.  They are also people who will build others up and encourage them because they realize that life isn’t a competition and that everyone can win.

You have value.  The world needs you and your ideas.  It is okay if they are different.  Only you can decide where you will take your life from here, no one in your past has that power.

I will get back to minimalist and simple living ideas 🙂  I just really wanted to share this because it was on my heart.  It seems a foundational issue to many people struggling with these minimalist concepts.


  1. Kim Stewart Kim Stewart

    Dealing with instilling this in my 6yr old. I’ve Already seen an issue that I’m not thrilled with. Her best friend is extremely bossy and my daughter does nothing about it but follows along allowing to be bossed. Not sure if its too early for me to intervene or just see how things ride out while making sure she knows how wonderful and beautiful she is… It’s only kindergarten…. Great Post, I think we all need to be reminds of this from time to time… Life moves so fast sometimes we tend to forget who we are. We are all amazing!

    • oh, with kids it is hard… I wish I knew when to intervene with my kids and have talked with my husband about that same think in the last few weeks. I think kids need parents to believe they are amazing and to know when the world questions it, that they can always have ‘fans’ back home. Making sure they know that we think they are amazing without false praise or pushing them too hard is something I struggle with.

  2. Emily Emily

    What a wonderful post!! I think this has so much relevance to minimalism and simplicity—when you pare down and simplify, you can see the essence of yourself and what is around you. I am so glad to not waste a lot of time “managing stuff” and be able to enjoy simple things. I think it takes guts to eliminate the extra around us–the comfortable “padding”–and see the value in what is really there….physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Your post helped me see that now that so much “stuff” is gone, I can see what is here….and I like it.
    Thank you!

    • your welcome! I agree 🙂

  3. Loved this! Everyone needs this reminder from time to time! XO, ;0)

    • Teri hi! Thanks so much for coming by and for your comment 🙂

  4. Thanks for this post … we so often try to disguise ourselves with possessions and status rather than just being ourselves. God made us to be amazing, we just need to let it show!

    • amen 🙂

  5. Fear coupled with perfectionism can completely shut down a person. I think your reminder that people have value and something to offer their community and the world goes hand and glove with the goal of simple living. Many people have an innate feeling that the pursuit of “things” is a hollow goal and want more but are afraid to trust their instincts and make changes. They feel others must know more than they do and so they follow the crowd. Your message is right on target.

    • Yes, I agree “Many people have an innate feeling that the pursuit of “things” is a hollow goal and want more but are afraid to trust their instincts and make changes” well said 🙂

  6. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    This is beautiful, Lorilee. Your thoughts hit me hard and made me emotional too. These sentences should be on our walls, mirrors before we face the day.

    I think my favorite (and hardest) part about simplifying my life has been the way I push myself to start over again and again each day. Constantly changing, constantly evaluating what’s worth the time, and presence in my life and my home. I do not have to keep what I’ve kept in the past. I do not have to do what I’ve done in the past. And I do not have to let someone define me from my past. Just like you said. I’ve found it’s easier to change and morph into who I want to be when I have less clouding my path. It’s great when you start seeing the benefits of this way of thinking, but very uncomfortable at the beginning. You have to believe in a better you, and a better way of living so you can push through that discomfort. But it’s worth it! Pushing through that fear. It truly is.

    And it’s nice knowing that other people are out there pushing with me. 🙂

    • yep, we are all in it together 🙂

  7. This is so important not just for kids, but for adults too! My parents told me the exact opposite. They told me and my siblings that we weren’t special, just ordinary kids. I know now that they did it because they loved us. They thought that they were shielding us from disappointment and not living in the clouds, but that’s what being a kid is all about and maybe even being an adult. It wasn’t until college that I gained more confidence from my professors and started to realize that I can do amazing things – we all can!


    • Marie, I have heard that too about parenting. Sometimes we reward kids for everything (like giving everyone a metal at a sports event) that is fun but doesn’t show them about life. I want to be able to show my kids that they probably can’t do everything, but they do have something unique to offer the world. ‘No-one can win at everything they try, but no-one is the same and has the same gifts to offer the world as you do.’

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  8. Nancy Nancy

    Hi Lorilee this was an awesome and very important post. I am glad that you shared it. Each of us is incredibly valuable And when life beats up on us, it’s important to remember where that value comes from. Stand strong. Your value is not dependent on your abilities but on His.

    • thanks 🙂

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