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Your Crazy Spot


We have talked about simplifying lots of different areas but lets face it, we are all different.

November starts holiday seasons with lots more activities and lots more hosting of activities so I wanted to see if we could talk about your crazy spot.

We are all searching for simple living and minimalism for slightly different reasons. We all come from different spots, and we all have different destinations in mind.

What is in the way? What is your crazy spot that needs to be simplified?

I want you to close your eyes and think about the holiday season coming up. Dream up the best scenario you can think of. How do you want it to look? Feel? Sound? Taste?

Now, what is in the way of that?

This is where we are going to apply minimalist and simple principles. Simple living is about cleaning away what is in the way so you can truly enjoy what is best.

First lets think of the house.  If you were to host a bunch of friends (and they were to walk all over your house) what area of your home is the most frustrating and embarrassing   Here is probably your crazy place.  This is probably a spot on your home that you struggle with and pulls you down even if no one is around to see it.  (the thought of other people seeing it often helps us realize the problem areas better).  For your benefit how about you apply some simple minimalist living principles to this crazy spot in the next few weeks.

But the crazy parts of the holidays probably don’t end there.

Maybe house clutter isn’t the only thing that is a crazy spot in your holiday planning.  Maybe it is fitting everything into the schedule. Maybe it is all the social engagements. Maybe it is the cooking. Maybe it is trying to find the right gifts. Maybe it is missing people that were always part of the season and won’t be this year. Maybe it is financial stress. Maybe it is decorating. Maybe it is community service. None of us are the same, and we all are stressed out and pulled down by different things. Maybe you can’t completely remove some of these things but what can you do to simplify them as much as possible?

What can you change to make the most of the Christmas season for you and your family?

Some people love parties and concerts. Some people love cooking for days. Some people love buying lots of personalized gifts. Some people love crafty things and create lots of decorations and presents. Some people love tradition. Some people are spontaneous.  Some people like busy. Some people just want a break from work.

Our differences are what make us special. What you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) is you and it isn’t wrong. Families are made of lots of the people and there are some of these areas where we need to do some things we don’t like because of those we love. But make sure it is something someone really values and the whole family is not just trying to fit societies mold.

Looking forward into the holiday season what changes could you make this year that could simplify your life and maximize your joy?

Think about it, talk about it with your family, and make it happen.

Less is definitely more when it comes to holidays. Figure out where to cut so you have energy, time, and money for what makes the biggest difference for you.


  1. Latrisha Latrisha

    My ENTIRE apartment is my crazy spot! LOL It seems like the more I get rid of, the more gets added. I gave away three trash bags full of stuff only to have my mom (who’s been keeping some of my things in storage at her house) add more things to my apartment b/c she’s clearing out her storage and needs the space that my stuff was taking up. So now I have to go through the whole sorting and tossing thing again. Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming but I know every little bit helps, so if I just take it one day at a time, one item at a time, everything will eventually be not so crazy. 😉

    • haha, totally understand. Good luck!

  2. What about inside closets, does that count as a crazy place?

    • yep, it counts 🙂

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