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A Random Update … on me – dreads and driving

So no deep thoughts in this post, just an update on what is going on over here…. if you are interested 🙂

For the last year-ish (about 10 months to be exact) I have been playing with having my hair in dreads.  I have always wanted to try them out and think they look soooo cool.

So last Feb, when we were snowed in one weekend, Bryon put dreads in my hair.  (he is the most amazing man ever… it took him two days).  The basic idea behind dreads is to get your hair to form tight knots (think mats on a stray animal) in a somewhat organized fashion.  There is a whole culture out there with lots of opinions on the right way to do it, but most commonly recognized is just back-combing sections of hair (think bangs that stood up straight in the 80’s).

Contrary to what many people think dreads can still be a clean hair style.  I had ‘dread shampoo’ which was just a shampoo with no moisturizer, fragrance, or residue and I washed my hair as often as I did before I got dreads.

The crazy thing I noticed about having dreads was how many people would walk up and talk to me.   …this has never happened before.  Best I can tell it gives off a open non-judgmental vibe (because how can someone judge you when their hair is such a mess :)).  I only got the ‘do you smoke pot’ question once…. and that dude was way weird.

I never was able to put the time I wanted into them and they were pretty crazy.  I decided to take them out last weekend and with about 40 hours and 3 people working on them we got them out in 3 days.  Not a fun process, but it was cool to have them for a while.  Maybe I will try them out again sometime.  If you are interested in doing dreads check out  I am not an affiliate and I don’t make any money recommending them to you, they are just amazing 🙂

So the final shots with the dreads:

I love having a photographer for a husband … have I mentioned already that he rocks 😉

and here is the no dreads.  I have a lot of moisturizing to make up for and have a trim scheduled on Monday.  It is amazing how much the length shrinks when it is in the dread.

Oh, and the road part:

We have been back from vacation for just over 2 weeks and we got a contract for some traveling work.  So we are ‘back on the road again’ starting early next week.  Not near as exciting as vacationing to the beach (this time we are heading north), but we all love exploring new places.  It is possible that we will be gone a good chunk of the next 4 months.  We are pretty excited 🙂  Someday we will figure out how to be gone full time.

This is totally what minimalism is for us.  Our little apartment is easy to come back to and leave with very little notice. And it doesn’t cost us much.  We don’t have much choice about what to pack because we only have a little.

Oh, part 2

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you all!  This blog and the books I have done over the last year have been so much fun, such a great simple living motivator (because I really need to practice what I preach), and helped me meet such awesome people.  I would probably be writing if no one showed up, but you make it way more fun!  Feel free to shoot me a note and say ‘hi’ or if you have a comment or suggestion.  I am still new at this and trying to learn as I go.


  1. We love you too. You are gorgeous both ways.

    • thanks Diane! 🙂

  2. When my hair was long, I had fun with French braiding. I did it all sorts of ways. Like your dreads (lovely,BTW), my fine straight hair would be wavy after I took down my braids, particularly if I did them up wet in the morning. Beautiful photos.

    • I just did that this weekend. I washed them at night and slept in 2 braids and it came out nice and curly 🙂

  3. Shelly Shelly

    Thanks for that Lorilee! Great to reminisce on my own family’s hair experiences (we’ve had some fun ones too)!
    Hair is great. It’s so versatile. Love your pictures.

    • thanks Shelly!

  4. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    These pictures are fantastic!

    • thanks so much! We are still trying to figure out the indoor lighting and flashes, way harder than the outdoor pictures.

  5. Was it painful to have them worked out? I would think there would be a lot of tugging and pulling while trying to detangle. Ouch!

    • yep, lots of work putting them in and even more work getting them out… lots of tugging and pulling 🙂 It was worth it to brush them out for a few days and not cut them off though. I like my long hair and it would have taken forever to grow back.

  6. Raye Cage Raye Cage

    Any one who wears dreads is very cool! There are many reasons I like you & I will add this to my list. :0) I have worn dreads myself and enjoyed the extra time I had in the morning because I did not have to fuss with my hair as much. You look great with or without them Lorilee.

    • Raye, thanks so much! Dreads are so very cool 🙂

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