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Christmas Inspiration

Image: by Feelart

On this, the Wednesday before Christmas, I wanted to share with you some other words of wisdom that I have enjoyed by other bloggers.

I had planned to write about something different but when the fingers came to the keys I decided to go this way instead 🙂

Some of my favorite blog posts about Christmas:

Joshua at Becoming Minimalist put a great list together here if you have more time to read.

Do you have have simple Christmas posts that you like?  Feel free to share your own if you would like 🙂

Update on us:

We are up in Minnesota working for a few more days… waiting for Omaha to get snowed in… and then hopefully making it back for a beautiful white Christmas.  We have been sick now ever since we got up here last week.  Sick and in a hotel room is less than desirable but so far I think we have made it.  The pool and the library are great 🙂  Kids are all excited about starting our Christmas week tomorrow morning (or today when you read this).


    • thanks so much for adding this! Great article 🙂

  1. shelly shelly

    Just had conversation yesterday with A friend about the topic of human spirit and the impact holiday tradition has on the beliefs we instill in our kids. I am so glad to consider these things while my kids are young. Thank you for the links. Our kids’ playgroup community will surely enjoy them too. I will be sharing this!

    • thanks so much 🙂

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