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Joy in Enough


Having only a few clothing items and having growing kids means we end up needing to replace clothes often.  My daughter has jumped 2 and sometimes 3 sizes just this fall in pants… her legs are going crazy, and my son just grew out of all his fall clothes.

Bryon and I have needed some new things because our other things are starting to look pretty worn from all the traveling and hiking.

Thankfully we have some great second hand options in town for all of us and over the past few days I have found exactly what we need for a fraction of the cost.

Driving home and feeling very blessed this morning I heard this statement by on the radio and it really hit me.

“Joy is found in enough”

Way to often our society thinks joy is found in more, but joy is never found in more.  More never ends.

What is enough?

We talked about this a bit in Bible study this past weekend.  One person in our group was struggling with contentment.  It felt like he was always working as hard as he could but he could never get ahead.  Another lady is trying to work her way through school and currently unemployed, and she could say that she had enough.

Who defines enough?

Advertising tells you that you don’t have enough.  Millions of dollars are spent brainwashing you into thinking you don’t have enough.  Human nature also naturally goes for bigger and better.  But when you look at the rest of the world people will define enough very differently.  Having clean water to drink or having a roof over their head is a huge blessing and with it they can find the joy and happiness of enough.

Most people will define enough as just a bit more than what they currently have.  One study I heard about a few years ago said that people wanted %120 of what they currently made in income to be happy and have enough.  … the amazing thing about this is that we will naturally always look for more than what we have.

But joy is found in having enough, not in always wanting more.

What if enough is what you have right now?

What if you have enough money, enough house, enough health, enough friends, enough family, enough influence, enough success, enough ____________(you fill it in).

Do you have cloths for your body?  A full stomach?  A roof over your head?  That is enough.  Sure, it might not be the clothes, food, and shelter you might like, but it can still be enough.

This is a tough concept to really live.  It isn’t the same as being lazy.  This doesn’t mean you don’t try and grow, learn more things, try to get a job you enjoy, work for the material possessions that you want.  What it means is that right now, we are thankful and happy for what we have.

We have enough and in that enough we can find joy.

Note: Thanks for reading!  Our family has ended up doing mostly second hand clothes from goodwill, consignment shops, and passed on from friends.  I really hate cheap clothes and cheap brands…they don’t hardly stand up to 2 or 3 washes without hanging funny or getting ‘bally’.  Buying better brands used seems to still save us money, save the environment, and last longer.


  1. andrea_upnorth andrea_upnorth

    I agree with the “cheap” clothes statement but if we buy them second hand that means someone else purchased them new at full price (maybe on sale) and then donated them at some point. I guess we should be thankful for those people!

    • yes, I am very thankful for those people and we donate all our stuff as well 🙂

  2. Kimberly Kimberly

    Great post, I’ve made great strides in being content and finding joy in all things. It’s a process that continues daily.

    • yep, I have to practice a bunch… helps to write about it and remind myself 🙂

  3. Gina Gina

    Really enjoy your post! It seems you always say the right thing at the right time!!

    • Marissa Marissa

      Totally agree with Gina. Thank you!!

      • you are both so welcome 🙂

  4. John John

    I’ve been working toward simple living but finding it challenging to uncomplicate things. I have a long ways to go so thanks for offering insights and inspiration.

    Your post reminded me of a couple of words from the Westminster catechism, “full contentment” (The tenth commandment requireth full contentment with our own condition) The idea has often inspired me.

    • yes, that is very good – Full contentment.

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