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Only 12 Days Till Christmas!

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Do you remember looking forward to Christmas as a kid?  Do you have kids around you or in your house counting down the days till Christmas?

What are you looking forward to?  What is your favorite part?  What family or friends are you going to see?  What extra time from work are you going to have off?  What treats are you going to have?  What book are you going to read?

Are you excited?

I am.  I am excited about my husband being home from work.  I am excited about doing some fun things as a family.  I am excited about surprising the kids.  I am excited about seeing family traveling from far away and excited to see my kids playing with their cousins.  I am excited about church programs and music.

There Are Only 12 Days Till Christmas!

After that it is all over (unless you celebrate for several days like us).   Either way it will be over soon.

The anticipation is at least half the fun.  Enjoy it!  Enjoy the moment.  Count down the days and find something to look forward to.  Live in the present… or at least in the very near future for a few days instead of trying to plan out your next year, next career move, or other future concern.

We spend most of our lives worried about ‘big’ problems and planning.  How about you take the next 12 days and enjoy it like a kid?  Adult life will kick back in after the holidays without any effort on our part.  It takes the effort to leave that life alone for a few days just to relax and enjoy.

Maybe this holiday isn’t turning out like you had planned.  Maybe people are missing. What can you do to make the best of it?  Can you start a new tradition? Get together with friends?  Do something for yourself that you enjoy?

Just 12 Days Till Christmas, enjoy and make the most of every minute.

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  1. I think this is so much in line with minimizing Christmas. Just enjoying the moment and not stressing about the things that need or should get done. Stop and enjoy! Thanks for this lovely post.

    • your welcome. thanks so much for coming by 🙂

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