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Reverse the Holidays

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I am hoping everyone is getting geared up for Christmas this week and excited.  We don’t want to reverse any of that 🙂

Holidays have the potential to go against the de-cluttering work you have been doing.  Sure, it might be a huge minimalist feet to maintain the amount of things you own during the Christmas holidays but what if I challenged you to go a bit farther?

While everyone else is going to finish off the holidays in a few weeks with resolutions to lose weight next year, what if you beat them to it and lose the ‘house weight’ during the holidays.

Reverse The Holiday Gain

Christmas is a time when most people get a chunk of time off. Sometimes the longest vacation of the year (depending on how lucky you are with vacation days) Spending time with family and eating cookies is a priority, but what about after that?

Instead of watching silly Christmas movies (again, and again, and again), or roaming the internet, what if you used that time to get packing.

Right after Christmas is a great time to downsize the amount of stuff in our home because we have some new stuff we like by our side. Maybe instead of replacing one thing, maybe you could also get rid of all the extra’s as well.

For example:

Did you get new towels? Great! Figure out how many do you need in the house? Then figure out how many do you have? Fix it – get rid of the difference 🙂

This works for lotion, candles, ties, socks, games/puzzles, picture frames, books, clothes, and more.

It is a great time to go through kids toys when they have new ones to play with!

Instead of Christmas increasing clutter, plan to make a de-cluttering gain over the Christmas season.


  1. Kim Kim

    YES! This is my intentions during our Christmas Break. After Friday, my daughter and I have for for 10 days, I do work one of those days but for the most part I’m off. My intentions are to purge my daughters room. Its long over due so I will be making that first priority. After that will be tackling the rest of the house. I would like to go into 2013 feeling pretty organized and back on track with minimalism. The clutter thats been rolling in this house has started making me feel more stressed than its worth…
    If I don’t have a chance to post again this week I would like to wish You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas!

    • Good luck! You and your family have a great Christmas as well 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    I love this idea. Let in the abundance of the holidays, and then take a look at what you’d like to keep afterwards. Right now I’m smack dab in the middle of a move across the state and I’m feeling the “out with the old, in with the new.” Moving, in general, drives me a bit crazy. I can sense a purge coming on in the next few weeks…

    • moving does wonders for creating motivation to get rid of stuff 🙂

  3. Louise Hickey Louise Hickey

    For the first time, I asked my in-laws if they could possibly give my kids (aged 5,6,9) movie / entertainment vouchers or cash for Christmas in 2013. I’ve never been one who’s really liked the idea of giving cash to kids, but explained that we would be using it for going to special places in the holidays. I can’t believe just how great it’s been not to have an extra 15 or so toys / gifts around, discarded or already broken by January! Honestly, the kids did not miss having all of those toys, and it’s been less stressful having a little holiday money to spend on activities. We’ve also done a huge “cull” of toys, household goods, clothes etc and although I would have liked to have spent more time going out – we definitely should have more time on weekends when school starts. I’m thinking of what presents to give our kids for birthdays now, and will definitely think of a voucher to a really cool family outing, instead of more “stuff”!

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