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Simple Challenge #14 – Big Stuff

When you set up the Christmas tree how long did it take?  How much did you need to move?

What about getting ready for company this season?  How much stuff needed to be moved to make room for company?

Sometimes clutter seems to be what gets under foot, but that isn’t the only clutter.

Ready for the next challenge?

Simple Challenge #14 – The Big Stuff

Could you get rid of a piece of furniture this week?

Furniture is pretty highly prized in our culture but is all if it really needed?  It takes up more space and it gives more horizontal space to fill and often more drawers to fill too.  Extra furniture is a extra stuff ‘magnet’.

Can you get rid of something you already had to move this season?  Something you have never really liked?  Something that is now empty because you have cleared it out already?  Something that never really matched the room?  Something you always have to walk around?

Good luck!  And enjoy the week before Christmas 🙂


  1. I was just thinking of this same thing! Last Aug we had some water damage to a love-seat hide-a-bed and sent it to the dumpster. (We haven’t replaced it and don’t miss it!) After moving stuff to make room for the Christmas tree, I was working on an exit-plan for more big stuff.

    • yay!

  2. I love it that you give me permission to get rid of stuff. (And, I found someone who wanted/needed it!)

    • That is perfect! I meant to add that to the post as well. Furniture de-clutters fast, but it can also make a lot of trash. Finding someone else who can use it is best 🙂 Here in the US these are some great ideas for getting rid of stuff:

      Goodwill – will take furniture besides computers (except their computer store, and I haven’t learned much about it), beds, and old (fat) TV’s
      Other local charities will take beds.
      Almost anything gets picked up if it is listed free in Craigslist
      Craigslist also has worked the best for selling stuff – Dressers seem to go the best and quickest based on my experience.

  3. Rebekah Rebekah

    We have boxes of stuff behind the couch that need to go out the door to Goodwill. And some larger stuff to sell. Christmas is a good deadline to clear out, or New Year at the latest! At our garage sale in Sept we got rid of many unnecessary items, selling and donating. Sometimes selling isn’t worth the hassle!

    • yes, I agree. I stopped selling clothes on garage sales years ago. All the little stuff isn’t worth the sorting and pricing for such a low return.

  4. Jackie Jackie

    That ugly, huge sofa is out the door!!!! Thanks for the go ahead!

    • sweet 🙂

  5. Kim Kim

    I bought an old steamer trunk at an auction last spring. Its in pretty good condition but needs some refurbishing inside. That was supposed to be a summer project that never got done. The trunk is huge and sits our bedroom, takes up a lot of space. My biggest problem, my ego. I over spent on it, got carried away bidding against someone. I spent $100 on it, I tried to sell it on our local New & Used page, while I received a lot of offers, the offers were never over $75… I should suck it up and let it go. I do have a beautiful Oak Lane Chest I received from my Mother when I was 16, I certainly do not need the steamer trunk, but………

    • haha, I understand 🙂 I got carried away bidding on a recliner several years ago at an auction. I was pregnant and REALLY wanted it. Sold it when we downsized for less than a third of what I spent.

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