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Managing Change – Simple Living Thoughts

Managing Change - Thinking for Simple Living, MinimalistImage: by David Castillo Dominici

The pattern of our thoughts is so important to simple living.  A few weeks ago we talked about living in the present, but managing change is just as important.

There is one thing that is guaranteed in the world (besides death and taxes)

Sometimes we choose it and sometimes we don’t…

…but how we react to it makes all the difference.


Change is everywhere all through our lives.  I struggle with managing change in my life, and my daughter has taken after me.

It might be change from one school book to another, from one program to another, or in schedule.  The moving we have done has been a challenge for her in the past.  She can logically see and understand the whys involved and can even want the change but…

It is the change part that is difficult for her.

Somehow what is behind, what is familiar, is safe and good.  But what is ahead is scary.

I am usually the same way.  How about you?

I think it is fairly normal for us all to be leery of change.   It stops us in our tracks even if it is a change that we are wanting and choosing for ourselves.  …if we run into changes that we haven’t chosen and we are really messed up.

But change is both guaranteed and good.

Not all change is good all the time, but the ability to change, to learn, to grow, to choose, to adapt is a benefit and a gift of being human.

As I sat and talked to my daughter about a change she was thinking about I told her she had two options:

  1. She could imagine all the bad stuff that might happen, the opportunities she would miss, or other negative consiquences or
  2. She could imagine all the good stuff that might happen, all the new opportunities she would get and a positive outcome.

Most of us understand that our thoughts create our reality and what we expect often is what happens… but we so rarely apply this knowledge to our life in how we are managing change.

A few weeks ago I heard this story at church.. I don’t know who told it, who wrote it, or how many times it has been changed.  Really it isn’t the story but the point that is important.

There was a lady who was a crossing guard for an elementary school.  As she was helping the kids get across the street on the first day of school, she noticed a little boy she hadn’t seen before.  She stopped him and asked him his name.  He told her and she asked if this was his first day at a new school.  He responded ‘yes’ and asked what the school was like.  The brilliant crossing guard said “that depends, what was your last school like?”.  The boy went off with all the things wrong with  his last school and how mean all the kids were.  The crossing guard replied “I’m so sorry, but this school is just the same”.  The boy hung his head and crossed the street.

A little while later a little girl came along and said ‘hi’ to the crossing guard.  She said it was her first day at her new school and she was a little nervous.  She asked the crossing guard what this school was like.  Just like with the little boy the crossing guard answered “That depends, what was your last school like?”  The little girl had loved her last school and was friends with all the kids.  The crossing guard replied “You’re in luck.  This school is exactly the same”.  Excited, the girl crossed the street.

Each child found the school exactly as they expected.

The truth in this is so HUGE.  Change is always around us but how we structure our thoughts, our thought habits, make all the difference in our life.

Are you facing a change in your life?  How are you managing change?

Have you been expecting the negative or the positive?

I know some change is hard to spin for good, but it is possible.

If you are struggling with managing change would you sit down and making a list –  I think we need lists because they are visible 🙂

Make a list of the good that could happen.  Lots of change is unknown and all we do is guess what could happen, so guess something good.

Add something new to the list every day and see how it helps your thinking habits change.

Thanks for reading!  With this post, and so often with posts, I write for myself – to myself, because these are things I struggle with.  Together we can change our habits.  Have a great week managing change the right way!


  1. Raye Cage Raye Cage

    I’m taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course at my church right now. Wow, talk about making changes my whole mindset about money is being turned upside down (right side up really). As a man thinketh so is he, so I keep telling myself to breathe & take one step at a time. I like the idea of making a list of all the good things that could happen as I adapt to this new way of thinking & managing money. Thanks Lorilee.

    • I have read his books and listed to the CD’s but I have never actually taken the course. I just love what the guy has to say. He makes it simple and is so motivating as well 🙂

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