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Simple Living Challenge Week 4

Simple Living Minimalist ChallengesImage: by antpkr

 Welcome to Simple Living Challenge Week 4.  We are making habits for the new year, one for each week of the month.

How have the last weeks challenges gone?  New to Simple Living?  Feel free to start with this challenge but if you want to get caught up you can check out challenge 1, 2, and 3.

Now grab a pencil and get ready for Challenge 4!

Simple Living Challenge Week 4 is about Dreaming

New years isn’t to far behind us now.  But, it might be far enough to get the pressure of New Years and resolutions.  Without the extra pressure we can really get to work.  If you have been around for our other challenges you have done 3 challenges and got a bit of practice simplifying.  This week (i.e. today so you don’t procrastinate)  I want you to sit down and figure out where you want to see your life:

  • 3 months from now
  • 1 year from now

I don’t think goals should take over our life.  It is probably a balance.  I prefer to think it is the things we can visualize, fall in love with and then create habits toward, that happen easiest.  So instead of setting out measurable goals or action plans for your house just grab a cup of tea, close your eyes and dream.

  • What would your ideal simple living look like?

And even more important:

Why are you wanting a simple living life?

A minimalist or simple living life is only a tool for other areas of your life.

Dream about what you would get:

  • Who would you have more time to spend with?
  • What skill would you work on?
  • What would you spend the money on (or would it free you from debt)?
  • How would it help you line up your priorities?
  • What would an ideal day include?

Just like with any change, simple living is possible when you can fall in love with another way of life and choose to work toward it.

Sit back and fall in love 🙂

Need some help?  Spend some time reading about minimalism on the internet or find another book for ideas. You can check out my blog list.

A shameless plug:  This is the first day’s challenge of my book Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life.  If you want more detailed challenges this is an awesome tool!  Read more about the book and reviews.


  1. I read your book yesterday – it was great and inspired me to tackle a few areas that have gotten out of control or completely over looked!

  2. It really is about balance, isn’t it? We have a dream–to live aboard full time, sometime possibly 5 years or so from now. But it’s easy for that dream to consume us, so that we forget that there are good things we can do now, where we are. Dreams give you a destination, but it’s important to enjoy and learn from the journey.

    • exactly! There are small moments of joy in our day-to-day life that can be missed when we only focus on the big goals.

  3. Valerie Valerie

    I got your book and hope to begin in when I finish my current read. I love the reminder to dream. I can get so caught up in the journey that I miss the bigger picture.

  4. Valerie Valerie

    Early this morning I finally took time to sit and dream. Initially I just came up with a list of all the things that I think that I ought to be doing (visit my mom more, play with the kids more, pray more etc.). It made me anxious! I realized that I was missing the point and came up with a few dreams that made me smile that I wouldn’t have thought of without this exercise. I am looking forward to seeing those things happen.

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