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10 Books We Are Reading

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(Dates were changed on the publishing of this post to move the post back into the archives when the sale finished)

Since I got a preview copy of The Ultimate Book Bundle last week I have had a bunch of fun going through the ebooks and courses.  I wanted to tell you about some of the fun resources we are using.

Most of my reading material has been purchased through book bundles and my kindle is full because of it.  This has been handy for both minimalist living and traveling (especially now that we are in China and books are too heavy to bring)

I wanted to share with you the top 10 we are reading and using.

Our 10 Favorite Bundle Books

1. Family Camping Handbookkitchen stew camping book cover

We are a camping family.  We have camped for several weeks the last 3 years on our road trips and love to head off camping for the weekend.  This is a fun camping resources.  I have just started the book, and there is lots of great stuff in it.  Typically we camp more simple than the author, but this book is a great resources for someone starting to camp, or how most families would feel comfortable camping.

There are lots of real food ideas which is sometimes the most complicated part of planning a camping trip.

What can I say… camping is awesome! Price = $6.95

2. Pursuit of Proverbs 31proverbs 31 woman cover

For a Christian women there is always the nagging voice of Proverbs 31.  If we didn’t already have enough comparison guilt from the media and … just the female nature, there is a perfect women in the Bible that we could never measure up to.

This book starts with busting a bunch of myths that we have about this perfect woman and how we are to be just like her.  Definitely a good book for both a devotional as well as cutting the guilt, of not being perfect, out of our religion 🙂

Price = $3.99

3. Good Wife’s Guide

I jumped on this book because of the author Darlene FinalCoverJpgSchacht.  … and the cover is pretty cool. She hits on some interesting issues of gender roles and submission.  It is a tough and extremely touchy subject and I would probably do better suggesting you read the book to have her explain herself instead of trying to explain it to you.

I grew up in a single parent home and have long hated anything that told women to submit.  However, I am slowly learning (read I have been married to a very patient and loving man for over 10 years) that there is probably good and Biblical reasons for gender roles and that roles don’t dictate worth… they are only roles.

As much as it might make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end a bit with some of the wording, I have to say I agree with her.  It is a good message, just so touchy in our society today.

Price = $2.99

4.  31 Days to Great Sex31 Days to Great Sex CoverHR

What can I say?  This book jumped out at me.  There is also 31 Days to Build a better Spouse but I figured mine was pretty perfect already, may as well perfect other things 🙂

We have read several different marriage books through the last 10-ish years and I think they are very good for creating conversation.  No one can write a book specifically geared to your relationship, but they can give you topics, ideas, and the chance to talk more with your spouse.

Price = $4.99

Get These Resources and another 87 more for one low price of 29.97 with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

5.  Frumps – to – PumpsFrumps-Pumps-Draft-350-231x300

I haven’t started this book yet, but I have seen it a few time in the last year and have wanted to read it.  I have read some of Sarah Mae’s books and have read her blog.

The idea of the book is about getting dressed and presenting yourself well through the day even if you aren’t going to see anyone and the difference it makes to you as a person.

If you get up and dress fancy to go to work everyday this might not make sense to you… but if you stay home or work from home you probably understand. Price = $4.99

6.  Just Making Ice CreamJMicecreamCOVERmock

You just can’t go wrong with a book all about ice cream.  Especially homemade ice cream.  I am not quite sure if I can figure out how to make ice cream here in China, but this book looks wonderful just the same.

… one of the few kitchen things we kept was our ice cream maker.  It is in storage with our fancy bread pan and fancy China dishes.

Price = $12.00

7.  The 100 Pound Loser100 Pound Loser 300dpi-01

It seems like weight and weight-loss is everywhere now.  Want to know something really disturbing?  The kids in China (I work with college kids) are just as obsessed with weight as American kids… and are even more verbal about it.  Both guys and girls tell me they are too fat, or that they aren’t going to eat supper because they need to lose weight, or call each other fat.  … and these are Chinese kids… not what we would call overweight at all!

Unfortunately this is a topic on all of our minds and is often a source of guilt and pain.  It shouldn’t affect our self-confidence (but it does) and it should motivate us to be healthier (but many people give up).  I got pulled into this book because it is a story.  Not a story about some fitness buff, but a story about someone ‘real’.  I knew Jessica from her blog and she is super sweet.  I feel I can relate to her because I was never small growing up and my body went crazy (like 60 + pounds) with each pregnancy.

Typically I much prefer ‘this is what I did‘ than ‘this is what you should do‘ and that is this book!

Price = $4.99

8.  The DigThe Dig - Childrens study of Luke

This is really cool!  Just 1 look at the cover and the kids couldn’t wait to print it out and start reading it.  There are 2 volumes of ‘The Dig’ in the bundle.

We printed out Volume 1 and have been using it for worship with the kids.  Each lesson has a Map (explaining what the lesson is about), Dig (bible passage that the kids read out of the bible), Treasure (the lesson), and Display (application).

Each 6 lessons has one verse to memorize and at the end of each 6 lesson group there is a review and activity.

I struggle with making worship fun and the kids really took to this.  I am looking forward to working through both volumes and having them carefully read through the whole book of Luke.

Price = $5.98

9.  The Armor of GodarmorofGodcover1

This is a short ‘Unit Study’ on the Armor of God lesson in the bible.  A unit study is when one idea is practiced using several different subjects to reinforce the idea.  It is a huge tool in homeschool and great for both parent and kid when it comes to planning and holding interest.

This Unit Study has several texts (on topic) to copy that could be used to practice printing or cursive writing, then it has games and coloring pages.  My kids used the learning to make a whole suit of armor out of cardboard.

What is so cool is that they jump into these projects on their own and work together.  They asked me to print out the book and studied all of it, then spent the next few hours creating all the armor.  So much of teaching, I believe, is teaching motivation and getting them to start projects and finish them on their own.  I was there to ask questions and to provide tape when needed, but this was their thing.SONY DSC

It was a pretty fun morning last week! Price = $2.50

10. Iphone Photography GuideiPhone Photography Guide by Alli Worthington

This is a book that I haven’t looked at but Lily jumped on and read the whole way through.  She has been interested in photography lately and Bryon has been showing her some of the editing options on the phone.

I asked my photographer husband to take a look and he said it is a basic introduction, but good for someone wanting to take better phone pictures.  It helps you know which apps are good for editing on the phone.  Price = $9.97

There you have it.  These are 10 books in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that we are using and reading now.

(I also am reading several of the books on Simple Living)

The deal this week is killer.  Just these 10 books alone are worth 59.35.  With the bundle this week you get these 10 books PLUS another 87 homemaking resources for ONLY 29.97.

Find out more about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Note:  I got a free bundle for being part of the sale.  I have read or am in the process of reading all these resources except for book 5 that I haven’t been able to start yet, and book 10 that my daughter and husband read.  

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