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Big News #2

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Last month was pretty exciting with Big News #1. This is a continuation … though unrelated…

I love news and surprises and this is another thing I have been really excited to share with you!

Our simple living is making a big change…

….we are getting rid of a bunch more stuff because…

…We Are Moving to China!!!

I have always loved travel and my husband and I have wanted to travel internationally ever since we got married but it has never worked out. There has been lots of ‘almost’ but never anything that worked out..

Until Now!

I am fascinated with culture and have always really loved Asia. I have wanted to give the kids an opportunity to learn language and other cultures hands on. Both Bryon and I have always been interested in teaching college level classes.

So, we are headed to teach college English in China

The last few weeks have been exciting, scary, and expensive. (an understatement on each level)

We will be in a big city in northern China… small for China, but a big city for me. There are very few foreigners in the city so learning the language and culture will be very important.

I feel like this is the icing on our Simple Living cake/life

One of the reasons for simplifying and living minimalist was always to travel. We did lots of travel in the USA but have always really wanted to cross an ocean and really experience something different. The problem up to now has been the money. We could travel for a few weeks somewhere but we have wanted to live somewhere for at least 6 months so we can really learn about the culture and work on language.. really live, not just be tourists.

Until now we haven’t had the money to do the travel or the ability to take off that much time from our current work.

Teaching English has been the perfect solution. We have looked at teaching English before but it hasn’t worked out with the kids. Then we found this opportunity.  With this job we will both work 3/4 time but our class times will be different so we can still take care of the kids.

There will be markets of fresh fruits and vegetables, public transportation (so we can live without a car), a cute little apartment, The Great Wall, and all kinds of other countries close by that we can try and go see on our school breaks.  Oh, and lots of Chinese food 🙂 

The last few months has been a combination of learning to speak some Mandarin, learning how to teach English, trying to figure out all the visa requirements and tickets, how to move out of our apartment… and most of that time was spent up in Minnesota sitting in a hotel room because my husband had work up there.  … life has been a bit different, but it has been fun 🙂

I will post more next week about our stuff and how minimalism is affecting our travels.

I will still be blogging about simple living and minimalism but I might throw in a few extra posts letting you know about our life in China.

再見/再见 – Goodbye

Because of our travels and limited connectivity I won’t be online as much until we get settled.  I promise to get back to e-mails and comments in a few weeks.


  1. Wow! We have considered teaching English abroad, as a good way to earn moneye while living aboard. Enjoy your adventure!

    Bethany @ Journey to Ithaca (formerly Our So-Called Life)

  2. andrea_upnorth andrea_upnorth

    Good luck to you and your family on this adventure!

  3. Karen Karen

    When are you leaving? Sounds like soon! Good luck!

  4. Kathy Kathy

    I have a friend that, along with her husband & 2 daughters, went to Tianjin China to teach. They were there a couple years or so. Some of the things they were used to that they couldn’t get there were quite interesting and some were funny. Good luck!! Can’t wait to read your adventures and what you all wind up moving with you and what you get rid of before your move. That’s always the most interesting part to me when friends move overseas–what they keep and what they decide isn’t worth the effort to move. Are your kids excited?

  5. Pam Pam

    OMG! I just read Big News #1 and was WOW’d by that…………..I really can’t imagine what publishing a book would be like! But then, I read about Big News #2 is WOWZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really REALLY can’t imagine moving to China! That is SO EXCITING………….is this going to be for a limited amount of time, or what? I bet the kid’s Grandparents a “kind of” thrilled, but will miss you all terribly. But what an experience for you and your husband and ALSO your kids!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

  6. Gem Gem

    Congratulations! That sounds like quite the adventure.

    Once things settle down, I’d be very interested in hearing how you go about learning Mandarin and what works and what doesn’t. Ted is really interested in living in Asia at some point. We visited Hong Kong and Taiwan over Christmas which was great but Ted’s excursion to China (by himself for a day) brought home how important it is to know Mandarin. I’ve been dabbling with various resources, mostly from the library and a Chinese character ipad app I got, but really need to get serious about it at some point.

  7. Raye Cage Raye Cage

    That’s so cool Lorilee! What a wonderful experience for your kids! They will know at least 2 languages. Wow!

  8. We already miss you guys! Make sure to stay in tip top Dutch Blitz shape while you are there because you know I’ll be practicing 😛

  9. Christine Christine

    How exciting!! Good luck & congratulations. I can’t wait to read all about it 🙂

  10. Congratulations on the big move Lorilee! I look forward to read more about your new adventures abroad. As you already know, I loved China. I never fully understood her, but definitely was smitten. Let me know if you want ideas for traveling around the country.

  11. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    Congratulations Lorilee! This year is really turning out to be AMAZING. I really like the way you said that this is a big reason why you became a minimalist in the first place. There have been times when I got so caught in the simplifying that I forget why I’m doing it in the first place – those *big* reasons that are life changing ones, like this!

  12. Pat Martinsen Pat Martinsen

    We’re missing you lots but happy for you for this exciting life adventure.
    Looking forward to photos & stories! God bless your sweet family. Love & prayers, Pat


    Just incredible!!! What an awesome opportunity for yourself and your children….once in a life time. I want to hear all about it…..everything….the food…the noises…the fashion….your jobs. Have fun and so over the top about your REALLY BIG news!!!!

  14. My heart is elated over your big news! I pray that you will have the most amazing adventure of your lifetime. You are such an inspiration and your writing continually blesses me. God bless you on your journey!

  15. Enjoy! This is the same decision we made a year ago and we’ve never regretted it (though we are heading home in 6 months). Good luck with it all and if there’s anything I can help with please get in touch. We’ve spent 3 years in China in total so if there’s anything baffling I may be able to help!
    ajmsheldon AT gmail DOT com 🙂

    • Awesome! So great to meet you! I will keep your e-mail 🙂

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