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Simple Living Challenge Week 3

Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Simple Living Challenge #3 is to sell and/or organize.  Last month the challenge included Project 333.  This month I wanted to talk about an area we missed for quite a while in our simplifying.

Some items that can be sold are easy to spot.  Furniture was one we noticed right away, if it was big and we didn’t need it, than it got sold.

But the smaller stuff took us longer to find and still made quite a bit of money.


Simple Living Challenge #3 is to sell or organize

This week I want to challenge you to take a look at your electronics.  Old computer programs, computers, cell phones, mp3 players, readers, etc.  Are you using them?  Often these items still sell for good money on Amazon.

We have sold textbooks, a cell phone, an old copy of windows, and a GPS unit on Amazon all for more money than we would have gotten at a garage sale or another local seller.  Often these electronic things are small and we miss them because we don’t see them as clutter but being small and valuable makes them easy to ship to a buyer far away.

Some of these items might still have hundreds of dollars of value.  For the items that are too old to sell (like our old desk top computer) we listed those as free on craigslist and found someone who needed it for parts.

Because electronics are terrible for the environment it is great to pass them on if they still have a useful life and hopefully save more from needing to be made.

Want to do some organizing too?

We keep all our electronic stuff together in our office area.  Want to go through your office and see if you can do some organizing this week as well?

I would love to hear your plans or how it goes this week.  Good luck!


  1. Electronics are as you said so bad for the environment! When we cleaned out my mother-in-law’s house, she is a bit of a pack rat, and had numerous old computers and electronic items that were too old to do anything productive with. My husband found a guy in her area on Craig’s list that took any old electronics and would “recycle” them in a way, so we didn’t have to trash them. I think he took all of the metals and things off of the electronic boards and resold it in some way. That is much more than I would ever be willing to do, so he was welcome to them for free, and they didn’t end up in a landfill. Just an idea for anyone that has electronic items that are even too old for parts.


  2. Uh my husband hoards old electronics. Our basement is filled with old tvs and computers. We need to find a place to recylcle/donate them. Hopefully I can encourage him to do so !

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