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Simple Stories – Kim

Simple Living Stories - McMurry family portraitsToday we have a simple living story from Kim about the day simple living really started to ‘click’ for her.  Thanks so much for sharing!

I enjoy reading about others journey thru this quest of living a simple more meaningful life and not gathering our importance and value with money or stuff. Here is a look in to my own journey of de-cultering and finding a balance of living a simple organized life.

Hi, my name is Kim; I’m a wife of 21 years to my hard working husband Rodney and a mother to our 3 children Wyatt 18, Dakota 16, and Colton 14. We live, work and attend school in Las Vegas, Nevada. After being born and raised in the Texas Hill Country I have to say I love Las Vegas and I’m over the top about the sunny weather.

I wasn’t raised in a minimalist home; I didn’t live a simple life of less early on in my marriage. But I know exactly the day it clicked for me, the day I got it.

In the summer of 2003, we sold our first home in the explosive Las Vegas real estate market. We were forced to put everything we owned in storage as we looked for a home and rented a friends vacation house. We found the perfect home for our family of 5, a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath home in an awesome neighborhood. The move into the new place was almost painless. I had the movers put needed furniture into each bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. The remaining boxes and furniture went into the den until I could decide where everything would go, to get my new beautiful home organized and in order.

I was exhausted after packing, selling, and storing an entire home and then moving the same home. After about 5 months  in our new home I decided I would tackle the den, unpack those boxes and arrange the furniture. As I stood there in the doorway of the den it accrued to me that no one had asked for anything in any of those boxes. That we had been able to function as a family without those items, it was there and then that I “got it”. Those items…, clothes, linens, pictures, books……were not necessary for us to do what we needed to do on a daily basis’.

To be a happy productive family we didn’t need these things.  Were they just distractions from what we really needed to be focusing on?

Each family is different so the journey begins when when we realize what the specific distractions are for our family.

The process of going thru each box and deciding if items were needed was therapy for me. I got some sort of strange high out of getting rid of things…… hoarding in reverse. My idea of de-clutering and living a more simple life has changed and evolved over the last 9 years. In the beginning an organized home with tidy closets and cabinets was my idea of living simply. Today, it’s ‘less is more’ and ‘how can this item benefit our enhance our lives’.

I truly believe that when you let go of things in your home you’re also de-clutering your mind. Making way for new exciting things to come your way, the possibilities are endless. Wherever you are in your own journey to figure out what living a more simple life is, embrace the process and enjoy the journey.

Thanks so much Kim for sharing!  I haven’t thought of it as one point of time when Simple Living ‘clicks’ but I think you are absolutely right.  It is a shift of thinking.  We go from wanting more and better to realizing that we really need less — quite  a huge shift 🙂  Simple living isn’t about what is in our house near as much as it is where our thinking is leading us.  


  1. Moving definitely is a great motivation for simplifying. Everytime we’ve moved, we’ve ended up owning less. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved your story, Kim! And I totally get the “strange high out of getting rid of things.” It brings so much freedom to the soul when we get rid of unneeded stuff. 🙂

  3. Maureen Maureen

    Some very good stories. I am disabled and have gotten worse over the last few years. I’t is my neck, which also causes a lot of pain in my shoulders and down my arms. I’t is very hard to move, I have to have help for my husband also. That is when I realzed also, the less “dust collectors’ I have sitting around the better. I do have a wonderful g/f that I went to school with that comes and cleans for me. I cannot hardly do anything at all with my arms and the pain. I’t also made me realize I didn’t need this “stuff” and could have saved money. haha 🙂

  4. As others have said, moving will definitely put what is important in perspective. We always ask if the time and effort are worth moving something, most times they are not. What a brilliant lesson you have taught your children.


  5. Wow! What an awesome message wrapped up in a beautiful personal story. Thank you Kim for sharing.I am going to share this with my network. A lot of people may just feel a little inspired just like I did today!


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