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What About the Bonuses – Over $140!


(Dates were changed on the publishing of this post to move the post back into the archives when the sale finished)

For The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle there is over $140 worth of bonuses.  There have been bonuses on other book bundles and I have never really checked them out because the books have always been what I am looking for.

Because this bundle has so many bonuses, I wanted to check them out for you and tell you some more about them.

On past sales some people have purchased the bundle ONLY for the bonuses because paying $29.97 for $140 of product (if the product is good) is a pretty great deal too!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Bonuses

1. A FREE Two-Month Membership to Fit2B Studio

This is a gym on the internet.  For a fraction of the cost (only 9.99 per month) you can have a gym anywhere you go.  It sounds like you need a good internet connection, but then you have access to great quality videos.

What I love is they have specific exercise routines for kids, pregnant women, and tummy safe workouts  as well as the standard – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The bonus includes 2 free months (19.98 value).  Because this is internet based there is no shipping, just a free 2 months, no strings attached.

2. A $15 store credit to TruKid

I hadn’t heard of this company before but I am pretty excited about it!  I have a issue with sunscreen that has been a problem in the past.  I hate the idea that the options seem to be: burn/skin cancer, lots of chemicals, or hard to get/use products.

I love the sun and summer, but I don’t want my kids exposed to lots of chemicals… or to get skin cancer.  

TruKid develops products for kids that are natural and safe.  They have sunscreen products, hair products, and more.

The bonus includes $15 of product. 7 of their 9 featured products are under $10 and they have lots of different product combinations.  Standard shipping rates apply for this bonus, and international shipping is available.   (I calculated shipping on an item to my home in Omaha and it was only .86)

3. Your choice of Natural Toothpaste or Facial Mud for FREE

Oh my!  I checked this out and I want one of both!  The bonus with the bundle includes your choice of the  Redmond Trading Earthpaste Bundle ($24.90 value) or the Facial Mud Bundle ($26.90 value).  I love natural products and usually buy natural toothpaste (I like to get it from Trader Joe’s), both these products sounds really fun to try.

Here is what you get: (choice between one of the two options)

  • Earthpaste Bundle: 9-ounce shaker of Real Salt, Lemon Twist Earthpaste, 60 Re-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement Capsules, Bonus items: Real Salt Pocket Shaker and Earthpaste sample packets
  • Facial Mud Bundle: 9-ounce shaker of Real Salt, Redmond Clay Facial Mud, 60 Re-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement Capsules, Bonus items: Real Salt Pocket Shaker and Earthpaste sample packets

The bundle bonus is either $24.90 or 26.90.  Incredible value… because the bundle only costs $29.97.  For this bundle standard shipping will apply so you will need to pay shipping costs to get this bonus.  And … unfortunately  this is only for the US, sorry.

4. Your choice of a FREE heirloom sourdough starter or FREE yogurt starter from Cultures for Health

Love this bonus too!  You get a choice of a free sourdough starter (there is 16 heirloom starters to choose from) or a yogurt starter (there is 9 yogurt starters to choose from and includes a vegan option).

If you haven’t used these products before they are a one time purchase and you can keep using them for a long time.  I purchased a yogurt starter from them a few years ago and used it to make yogurt for a long time (…until we started traveling, the starters would have kept working).

I love the idea of making your own yogurt at home because it can be pure, fresh, and natural.  I used mine in smoothies and baking with great results!

Bonus value up to $12.95.  US and Canada only, you will have to pay shipping.

5. Your choice of: a FREE 3-Month Subscription (for new accounts) or 30% off a One Year Subscription

Have trouble figuring out what to cook each night?  Have you had menus written up on paper only to lose them at the store? … I’m speaking from experience here. 

Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes, scheduled for the days you want them, organize them, move them around, add to them and much more.  You can even access their mobile site for easy access to your shopping list at the store.  If you don’t get the bundle you can sign up for 30-days free on their site.

Bundle Bonus includes 3 Free Months: $15.00 value. Since this is online, it is available all over the world and no shipping or other charges apply. 

6. A FREE Culinary Herbs Assorted Seed Pack

Garden?  Want to have a few small plants in the kitchen?

Just in time for spring planting from, a living whole foods company.

Bonus Value: $11.95 value. Standard shipping applies to all US states and territories- no international shipping for seeds.

7. Get $10 off their Original28’s “my husband rocks” tee.

This is a pretty cool idea.  This company makes all kinds of clothes for men/women/children that celebrate a happy and healthy relationship.  … so many shirts have negative messages, it is cool to have a shirt that says ‘My husband rocks’ 🙂

The bonus in this bundle is a $10.00 value. It is only for their Original ‘my husband rocks’ t-shirt.  It looks like there is a standard neck and v-neck available at 17.99 – 19.99.  The bonus would give you $10.00 off and standard shipping rates apply. International shipping available, but free shipping only available within USA. This is a good idea if you are looking for this product or maybe for a gift, otherwise it will cost you to redeem this bonus.  Cool company though!

8. A $10 store credit plus 1 FREE lip balm from Bee All Natural

Okay, here is another pretty good one.  I am excited to get free lip balm, but all their other products look really awesome too!  Lots of products are less than $10 and several really nice products are only around $13, so a $10 store credit can get you free products or almost free products.

Bonus Value: $13.49. (lip balm, plus $10 store credit)  Standard shipping applies. International shipping available.

9. A FREE 2 oz. bottle of your choice of liquid herbal formula from TriLight Health

Here is another awesome free bonus product you can get with no other purchase necessary.  Not only that, you can pick the product that is best for you.  Looking at their website there is formulas for: allergies, flu, immune system, ear infections, female cramping relief, energy and lots more.

Bonus Value: $12.95 value or more. Standard shipping applies, within the USA only…. sorry

10. Your choice of 3 FREE ePlanners OR a 3-Month FREE Membership to ListPlanIt

I don’t have a smart phone so I will let you check this one our.  I do run my life off lists so I can see where this could be really helpful 🙂
Bonus Value: $15.00 value. All computer based so no shipping costs and no location restrictions

The fine print:

Bonus Offers

  • Each bonus offer can be redeemed once only per eBook Bundle purchase.
  • For each bonus offer, transaction numbers or proof of purchase may be required at the time of redemption.
  • All bonus offers are free gifts from the bonus sponsors, are their sole responsibility to provide, and are subject to availability.
  • All bonus offers expire at midnight on May 19th, 2013 (2 weeks from the last day of this sale).

General Information about the bundle

  • It is your responsibility to download and back-up your purchase within the 1-month download time-frame. With proof of purchase, we can renew download links up until August 1st, 2013. After this date we will no longer have access to the books and will not be able to provide any new links to download.
  • Due to the nature of this sale, there will be no refunds available. However, we would invite you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the file types, the download process, how the bonus offers work, etc.

Please note: This collection is only available from 9 a.m. EST on April 29th to 11:59 p.m. EST on May 4th. There will be no late sales offered, so make sure that you get your bundle right away!

Have questions about the bundle or how to use it?  Check out the Q&A article.

Note: I received a bundle and access one of each bonus for contributing my book to the sale.  I also make some money for each bundle I sell.  I want to thank-you for supporting the site and know that I only recommend things to you that I personally use.  I never do paid reviews on this site and my words are always my own.  If I receive something for free (like I just mentioned I got this bundle for free), I will always tell you.  We’re friends and I want to make sure I am honest like that 🙂  

Note 2: For the bonuses I have mentioned above I have only purchased from #4 before (and was very happy with the product).  I plan on redeeming my bonuses for #2, 3, 8, 9.  I would like to redeem #1 but my internet in China is not fast enough.  I would also like to redeem #4, but I can’t use it over here.  These bonus values for me would be equal to $68.34 of product to me… so buying the bundle for only $29.97, getting all 97 books, and getting only these 4 bonuses is still a killer deal.  … but grab it quick, it is only available until May 4th at 11:59 EST.