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What If You Need Extreme Measures?

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For the most part I am a pretty nice person.. usually politically correct, and when there is ‘nothing nice to say’ I try to not say anything at all. … but you might need extreme measures…

Really, I am terrified of offending people. But sometimes a more direct approach works better.

Lots of the great people in history had a strong opinion and were okay with sharing it.

So here it goes…

Get rid of the crap that is clogging your life! YOU DON’T NEED IT

Lots of times simplicity or minimalist bloggers talk about little changes, and baby steps.  (I do this all the time).  This slow, progressive, move toward minimalism might be for you.  Maybe if you just had a few less things your life wouldn’t feel so congested.  (and if your one of these people, or if you get offended easily, you can come back next week)

But maybe

…just maybe

You need a WHOLE LOT less!

Everyone is full of excuses – pets, children, tea cup collections.  But most of it is just habit… and habit is a dumb excuse…

If you want to live a different life… you might really have to live differently.

Maybe you need more than just small changes.

Maybe You Need Extreme Measures

Maybe you could be living with 100 things, or maybe you could be living in 128 sq feet.  Maybe you could be living out of a backpack.

Maybe minimalism or really changing your way of life isn’t for you.  Maybe you just need small changes and you will see a big difference… but maybe extreme measures are in order.

You don’t have to do what I do, and I will probably not do what you do, but what if we both REALLY right-sized our life.  Not just question a few things, but really thought outside the box.


When we started adopting minimalism thought we just needed to clean out a few closets… but that wasn’t the case.  I wish now that I had a friend (who could say things in love but still be direct) who really called me on the stuff I was trying to keep.  ‘Really, you REALLY need that?’

Then instead of downsizing my stuff for 2 years and going through everything I owned about 1000 times it could have been done in less time and I could have spent my time doing something more productive.

… or I would have hated them..

Do you want extreme change?

Extreme changes in your money, your time, and your growth?   Then maybe you have some extreme changes you need to make.  Change isn’t always easy and is usually lots of hard work.

Are you making the changes you want?  Are you getting the results you want?  … do you need to take extreme measures?

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. Thanks for the kick in the butt! I needed it. I have actually been hanging onto a tea set that I never use…
    I understand what you mean about not wanting to offend people. I am very non-confrontational.

  2. Kathy Kathy

    I’m sure you had to go to extreme measures to go to China. I can’t wait to see what all you actually took with you there since it’s such a huge move.

  3. Elizabeth Kane Elizabeth Kane

    You hit the nail on the head, Lorilee. It’s so interesting to me that most of the time people ask about the way I’ve been downsizing, they go right into, “Oh, well that’s just a little too much!” or “I couldn’t do that.” But why not? I found that the more I started clearing out parts of my apartment, it felt like I was opening up parts of my life! And I just started off small until I realized I could re-haul (and re-think) the purpose of every material I had in my possession. I just couldn’t go back to holding on to everything – never again!

  4. This post rocked it! Super quotable, too!

  5. Lisa Lisa

    Thank you!!!! Amen Sister!!!! Last night I was in the mood to clean out. This morning there was 3 bags of trash, 5 boxes and 5 bags that went to goodwill. I would say a pretty good start!

  6. Shelly Shelly

    Every time I talk to someone who dropped trash bags trash into the dumpster and more trash bags of stuff at goodwill… EVERY TIME all I hear is “what a relief it’s gone!” Letting go definitely opens up more space, and I think everyone wants that.
    This is so well said, Lorilee! Letting a little go here and there turns into another part-time job while we stretch minimalism over years or even a lifetime if we just play with the idea.
    Just yesterday I was at a friend’s house. They bought an Amish home with no electricity to the home, and they hooked up power in the garage for food storage and a couple of lights. All their tables are clear for daily life rather than cluttered for show. It was the quiet, calm, and peace I only knew of on a backpacking trip, but found there in a home. A lovely, uncluttered space where much life is lived every day! Back to work on my home I go!

  7. Kavitha Kavitha

    Good one. Sometimes all we need is a push. Over the past few weeks, I have been either giving away stuff or trashing it. DH is away in Vietnam due to work. He said that he hadn’t bought too many things to bring back home. Usually I would expect him to bring back some memorabilia. But this time around, I told him its good he did not spend and bring things that we really don’t need. Taking one small step at a time. And as you said, sometimes we need to take extreme measures.

  8. Ok, good kick in the pants. 😉 I’m getting rid of more stuff today!

  9. Rebecca Rebecca

    Yes, what if that is exactly what you need, but are overwhelmed and frankly petrified and your hubby and5children don’t feel the same way?? Then what?

    • Lots of family talking. I wish I had a good answer but it is really different for every family. Family is important but it is also very important that they know how you feel, what you want, and how you want them to be involved. There may be several areas that they are all okay with simplifying. They might not be ready to apply extreme minimalism to their things, but they may be fine with you doing it with several of your areas. Good luck 🙂

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