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Simple Living Challenge Week 3

Organization - Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Welcome to Simple Living Challenge week 3!  I hope you had a bunch of fun on the growing week last week.

Today we are going to be organizing and selling in a pretty expensive part of the house.

Nope, it’s not the closet…

Simple Living Challenge #3 – Organize or Selling

Do you have an area of the house you need to go through and organize?  What about something you have been thinking of selling?  This is the week to do it!

If you don’t have something pop into your head right away I want to challenge you to go through…

…your books

A bit of background on me.  I love books!  I am not a fast reader and never got into fiction, but I love books with new ideas or positive books about growth… I could read them all day and often read several a month.

I love reading, but I don’t love owning books.

There are some books that I do want to keep, I use them all the time.  But most books I read I will only read once.  Even if I love them I know I will probably only read them once because new and exciting books are always on my list.

Ideally I try not to even own them in the first place…

Do you have a library close by?  An Amazon Prime membership that lets you borrow books?  Other friends that love reading?

These are all great ways of reading without actually owning the books.  It is cheaper, causes less clutter, and is better for the environment.  Win, win, win!

There are lots of books I want to read when they come out instead of waiting for the library to carry them and I get them on my kindle. It fits nicely in my purse and I can read whenever I get a chance through out the day.

“But Books Aren’t Clutter…”

Just because they are organized on a shelf doesn’t mean they aren’t clutter.  Things in your house that don’t get used and aren’t things you love are clutter no matter how big/small, organized, or expensive they are.

They are more for you to look at, dust, worry about, move and more.

“But Kids Need Books to Love Reading…”

My kids had 2 book shelves each before we downsized and now they only have a few books each that they own.  It hasn’t made any difference in how much they love reading!  With the library and the books we do have they spend hours reading.  We change out the books they own, and get rid of the old.  They don’t need to hang onto everything they have already read any more than I do.

You Decide

You don’t have to have a bookshelf like me, but don’t overlook books when you declutter just because they are books.  I know some people are very defensive about books and I agree that they are valuable but it is the knowledge in them that is valuable not the paper they are on.

What do I do With Extra Books?

Books might be something that you can sell. $$$ I have had my best luck selling books on Amazon.   Books can also be sold at used book stores or at garage sales.  Some books don’t have much resale value and are easiest to just donate.

Don’t forget cookbooks or other books that might be stored other places through the house.

Have fun!


  1. Jen Jen

    check out to get rid of old books. I trade all my old books for new this way.

  2. Amanda Amanda

    Not long ago I would have just said “forget it. I’m not getting rid of my books!” I just love books. They’re beautiful and I love them. There was always a bookcase in each of the three kids’ rooms when they were growing up and one in the living room. However, after a devastating house fire that not only destroyed everything I own, but also took the lives of my 21-year old daughter and her friend, I realize nothing material matters. Nothing. All of your suggestions and comments are bang on. It is so much better than owning so much stuff.

    I decluttered the hard way, but when I rebuild and move back, you can be sure I will have only the essentials. And will live simply. And simply live.

  3. Juliette Juliette

    This is going to be the hardest one for me, I think. I love my books and that includes music books too. I have alot of them. I’ve been reading alot lately in an attempt to make sure that I’ve read them all, before I get rid of any. You WOULD have to do this one this week. 🙂 Well, it’s a good thing. It needs to be done! Thanks for your posts. You are inspiring me to live simply so I can simply live!

  4. Valerie Valerie

    Okay,I’ll go through my books again! We don’t have a large house but we have 14 bookcases! We homeschool and my husband teaches and writes so most of the bookcases are used for those items. I have a hope that I can get rid of one of the bookcases this year but so far I have only gotten rid of enough books to make everything left fit better. I have taken boxes of books and put them aside for our spring yard sale already. I actually donated one box full of books that I felt family members would protest giving away. If I tried to put them in the yard sale they would have ended up back in the house. Each time I go through the bookcases I am able to take more out. I am also reading some treasures that I had forgotten were in the house. I’ll see how many books I can get rid of this time.

  5. Valerie Valerie

    Our local public library accepts book donations. The ones that fit into their collection become loaners and the rest go into their fund raising sales. Either way, it helps get more books in circulation for free or almost free.

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