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My Birthday in China

Climbing the Mountains in China

I think this year might have been my coolest birthday yet.  It is already pretty cool to spend it in China, but we decided to make it an excuse to try and explore outside the city.

Traveling around our area is not easy for a foreigner.  There is little tourism and even less English.  The initial plan included us getting a bus out to the mountains after my last class Friday afternoon and staying at hotel for the weekend.  The problem was we couldn’t find a way to book the hotel we found, we couldn’t find it on a map, and when we asked students about how to get out there no one could tell us anything.

China mountains

The people here also didn’t think we should go to the mountains in March.  It is too cold and not green yet.

We got lucky and we found a teacher that said she would take us to the mountains for the day.   We dressed warm, packed lunch and water and left the apartment about 6:15.

China mountains

It was awesome!

They had arranged for us to go with a Chinese group that goes up to the mountains hiking most weekends.  And it turned out to be a hike!  Almost straight up for hours.  I haven’t hiked like that for years and my wimpy winter legs told me all about it.

We hiked to the top and then spent a few hours playing and eating in a little forested area.

China mountains

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming to us here.  Very few speak any English and we don’t understand their Chinese yet but they are very patient and hospitable.

On the way down we went through this mountain village that was super cute.

China mountain village

Bryon found this old mill.

China Mountains

There was a wedding going somewhere.  They put out pink paper to wish good luck to the marriage.

China mountains

Here are a few more pictures of the day.

China Mountain Village

Chinese mountains

China goats

And my cute baby!

Ian in China

An incredible day!

We finished off the celebration by getting a Chinese birthday cake the following day.  The kids got to watch it being decorated 🙂

Lorilee 33rd Birthday Cake


  1. Wow!! Happy Birthday! That looks so neat. The mountains are beautiful!! How did the cake taste??


    • very good. Their cake here is very light, like angel food cake, and it is covered with whipped cream frosting. All the decorations (including the flowers) are made out of the whipped cream… it is truely art. The whole things is very light and creamy. Very good!

  2. Nancy Nancy

    Wow thanks for the beautiful pictures. What an exciting birthday. Those mountains are beautiful. I’m glad you found such nice Chinese friends. That’s a Pretty fancy birthday cake.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Christine Johnson Christine Johnson

    Happy Belated Birthday & Wow!!! Good for you guys! I am so glad I found your blog so I could travel with you!!! LOL!!! Enjoy your time learnign about their culture.

  5. Pam S Pam S

    Happy belated birthday! This is surely a birthday that you will never forget!
    I’m so happy for you and your family! What a wonderful opportunity for you all! Take care!


  6. Dalena Dalena

    Loved the photos. Don’t stop exploring and challenging yourself my friend! You rock!

    • Thanks girl, you inspire me 🙂 I need to write you, really we just need to sit down and chat sometime.

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