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Simple Challenge Week 3

Organization - Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Welcome to Simple Living Challenge week 3!  I hope you had a bunch of fun on the growing week last week.

This week is back to work.  

This week we are going to make a big difference to a small space.


The week 3 simple challenge looks at organizing areas of the house and/or finding things to sell.  

Unfortunately for most of us, our clutter is made up mostly of things that need recycled, donated, or thrown away and are holding space in our house without even holding monetary value.

But today we are going to look for things that do hold value, that we don’t need, and can be sold for real money.  Depending on who you are, minimalism can be a gold mine for you.

The challenge for this week…

The Garage

We haven’t had a garage for over a year now, but every time we downsized our garage space we have made money.

We sold a pool, lots of tools, a deep freeze, extra furniture, and lots of other small things.

If you put things out on a garage sale from the garage they will almost always make you more money than household things, kitchen tools, books, or clothes.  Somehow the garage holds money value better than other areas of the house.  

… but if you don’t need it, it is costing you money instead of saving it.

Take some time this week to find something (or a few things) in your garage that you can sell.